WTB/T For Japanese E-Series Cards

Hey everyone I am new here, but have been around on various Pokemon trading sites before. Finally a place where there are more collectors than players.

I am currently trying to complete my older Japanese sets. Particularly the E-Series.

Currently I need the following:

E-Series 2 (1st)

30/92 Suicune
35/92 Electrode (holo)
41/92 Hypno
46/92 Espeon (holo)
48/82 Nidoking
61/92 Togetic
71/92 Houndoom Holo
89/92 Power Plant
90/92 Darkness Energy
92/92 Rainbow Energy

E-Series 3 (1st)

39/87 Octillery
40/87 Octillery
88/87 Crystal Nidoking
89/87 Crystal Kingdra

E-Series 4 (1st)

Everything but the normal holos.

E-Series 5 (1st)


Also on the lookout for any packs or boxes of E-Series 1st ED sets. (Except E1) Willing to buy or trade.

For trading (here is a link to my list of haves, it’s not much. Not sure if linking it is allowed, let me know)

EDIT: P.S. Could also use these random minor cards
B&W 1ST ED: 48/53 Energy Retrieval
Neo 2: Politoed

Hey Aqua,

I really recently bought E-series 3 and E-series 5 set complete, and before I bought them I had these cards (see list below), which I will be getting rid of (whenever I have time). I may have some cards floating around from E-series 2. I’ll check when I have time.

Wind From The Sea (E-Series 3/Aquapolis) – May 24, 2002
40/87 Octillery (1st Edition) (H)

Mysterious Mountains (E-Series 5/Skyridge) – October 4, 2002
05/88 Beedrill (1st Edition) (H)
08/88 Nidorina (C)
10/88 Nidoqueen (1st Edition) (H)
13/88 Sunkern (1st Edition) (C)
15/88 Growlithe (1st Edition) (C)
19/88 Moltres (1st Edition) (H)
21/88 Houndour (1st Edition) (C)
25/88 Dewgong (1st Edition) (H)
28/88 Gyarados (1st Edition) (H)
31/88 Articuno (1st Edition) (H)
34/88 Piloswine (1st Edition) (H)
38/88 Magneton (1st Edition) (H)
43/88 Gengar (1st Edition) (R)
44/88 Gengar (1st Edition) (H)
47/88 Xatu (1st Edition) (H)
53/88 Machamp (1st Edition) (H)
56/88 Magcargo (1st Edition) (H)
63/88 Hoothoot (1st Edition) (C)
68/88 Stantler (1st Edition) (C)
70/88 Houndoom (1st Edition) (H)
72/88 Magneton (1st Edition) (H)
74/88 Steelix (1st Edition) (H)
82/88 Miracle Sphere β (1st Edition) (U)
83/88 Miracle Sphere γ (1st Edition) (U)

Oh yeah, I just bought this auction two weeks ago which has some E-series packs, but I still have not sorted through these packs to know which set they come from. If anyone knows what each pack is from that would be helpful and then I could probably trade/sell a few packs to aqua

@shpunto - Bulpapedia has images of the e-series packs. Let me repost since everyone here loves pictures.

e1 - Base Expansion Pack

e2 - Town with no Map

e3 - Wind from the Sea

e4 - Split Earth

e5 - Mysterious Mountains

I’m afraid you didn’t get any of these from the auction you won. You got mostly e+ packs. I know next to nothing about e+ packs and cards but I suppose such cards can be used together with e-reader and they have quite different layout and design as shown in pictures 2 and 3 of this auction. Note that serebii.net has images of English e+ cards.

Damn I thought they were e-series packs…it is kind of funny though I randomly bought an e-reader a month ago bc I love pokemon memorabilia. I will probably open few just to see what they look like, do you know if they are worth anything in the US?

Sweet! I can use all the E5 Cards ya got. :blush:

Which cards do you need from me for those?

Also as far as the Japanese e-Reader packs, never seen them before, so not sure myself.

Let me double check with Rev holos I still need, then I’ll get back to you. I may also have a Crystal Nidoking. Do you want the E-Series 3 Octillery too?

Ahh a Crystal Nidoking would be awesome. I don’t think I need the Octillery anymore, I may have another trade for that soon.

i have a 1st ed suicune 30/92


Okay I need your Regigas EX from BW3 and these rev holos from L3


and L2 Metal Energy Rev holo

for L3 rev holo section you wrote supporter reverses, do you have

076/080 Junk Arm
078/080 Twins
080/080 Rescue Energy

also, do you have 049/053 Crush Hammer from BW1 Black collection and Unown Z from Neo Destiny?

by the way, I haven’t been able to locate my Nidoking so that is not for trade just yet.

Just tracked down all of my BW and Neo cards. Unfortunately I don’t have an extra Crush Hammer. Surprisingly I got little to no trainers in my BW boxes. Also no Unown Z either unfortunately.

Are we still trying to work something out in this trade? Did you ever find your Nidoking? LMK.

I did find it. It is in near mint with some very minor edge wear. I also have a used E4 Crystal Kabutops. I’ll PM you about a trade.