*updated* 4/3/2015 E5 cards, Neo 4 cards, Umbreon PLAY

Hey Everyone!

So right now I am currently looking to complete my PLAY Promo set and Japanese Crystals mostly. I am also interested in the shiny Pokemon cards from the Japanese Platinum expansions. So overall I am interested in any card that has a shiny Pokemon, but priority goes to these cards.

For the PLAY promos I need:

Flareon 024/P
Umbreon 026/P

I prefer to find these two sealed since I want to try get all of the PLAY promos that were EXP awards sealed, if possible and on the same note I also would need Jolteon 023/P sealed. I prefer that Flareon and Umbreon are not PSA graded.

For the Japanese Crystals, I am looking for these ungraded.

1ED Ho-oh
1ED Golem
1ED Kabutops
1ED Nidoking
1ED Kingdra
1ED Lugia

UED Charizard
UED Celebi

I am also looking for mint Fan Club Shining Magikarp and Eevee.

Let me know if anyone can help me find these! Thanks a lot guys :blush:

For the crystal cards, preferably NM/M but since I don’t care to grade my cards, I can work with EX-NM.

Hey guys, so in addition to the PLAY Gold Stars and Japanese Crystal, I am also looking for the Japanese shiny cards from the Platinum expansion. Ideally NM+ condition. I am especially looking for Milotic. If anyone can help me out with this subset, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks guys!


There’s sealed 023/P Jolteon star if you still need it.

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up! I’m going to keep an eye on it :blush:

Hey guys! Happy New Year! Whats 2015 like for you guys on the East Coast, Europe and beyond? It’s only 8:40 PM in Hawaii still. :stuck_out_tongue: Anywho, can someone point me in the direction of a Mew (delta species) 148/PCG-P card?

How could you be so cruel! :sob: haha

I can’t believe I missed that lot being sold…I think that was around the same time I was going after an E5 box. *sigh* Tunnel vision.

They probably didn’t come sealed though huh? It seems as though many of those cards that were awards for participation/or giveaways at Pokemon Center aren’t sealed, or am I mistaken? I got an itch to collect sealed promos, but I actually looking to work on my Mew collection while I wait for a sealed PLAY Umbreon to pop up.

sent you a PM

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Hey guys,

So in addition to my Permanent Wants:
Mint/Sealed Umbreon 026/PLAY
Mint Crystal Celebi unlimited edition
Mint Fan Club Shining Magikarp

I am also looking to complete a few of my older near complete Japanese sets, Fossil, Team Rocket, Gym 2, Neo 2, Neo 4 and E5. I am still in the process of organizing my sets to see what I have and don’t have. Right now I will start with Mysterious Mountains set and Neo 4, since I have already finished sorting that

I am looking for all of the following cards in mint condition:

Weedle 002/088
Articuno 030/088 (non-holo)
Mamoswine 034/088 (holo)
Gengar 043/088 (non-holo)
Xatu 046/088 (non-holo)
Machamp 053/088 (holo)

Neo 4:
Light Venomoth
Light Ninetails
Light Flareon
Dark Quilava
Unown L
Unown T
Unown V
Unown C
Unown P
Unown Z
Unown G
Unown W
Unown X
Dark Gengar
Shining Noctowl
Shining Tyranitar

*edit* just crossed out the cards I found. Let me know if you guys have any of the other cards :blush:

I realize you’re looking for a ungraded Japanese unlimited Celebi crystal… But those are near impossible to find. I do happen to have a psa 10 of one… pop2. I’m only curious to know of you’d be at all interested because of the difficulty level of finding one. Lemme know bud

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