[WTB] Holos/EXs from EX Series

Hi everyone on E4,

I joined way back during UPCCC, and retired for a couple years. I tried googling UPCCC but could not find it anymore recently. But E4 kept popping up, and it turned out to be the same forum! And my account still works! LOL.

Anyways, to the important part, here are the cards that I need. I hope E4 can really help me complete my sets. Thanks in advance!

Card condition that I am hoping for is Mint, but Near Mint with very minimal whitening can be considered as well. For prices, I am willing to do more than market rate if it is Mint. I am not too sure how we decide prices at this day and age, but I normally check ebay sold listings.

Any questions, just ask away. I am very friendly and love to make new friends now that I am back :blush:

28 Typhlosion $15
32 Weezing $15

H6 Blissey $8
H14 Kingdra $10
H18 Nidoking $18

H10 Gyarados $24
H17 Magcargo $12
H27 Rhydon $20

EX Ruby Sapphire5 Delcatty $6
12 Slaking $4

EX Sandstorm
8 Lunatone $6

EX Hidden Legend
7 Heracross $3
11 Metagross $3

EX Fire Red Leaf Green3 Dewgong $3

EX Team Rocket Returns7 Dark Marowak $8
10 Dark Steelix $10
100 Rocket’s Moltres ex $25
111 Here Comes Team Rocket! $35

EX Deoxys14 Shedinja $3

EX Delta Species4 Espeon δ $8
8 Latias δ $5
17 Umbreon δ $5

EX Legend Maker2 Aggron $3

EX Dragon Frontiers4 Meganium δ $3

First bump. I have added card names to the list. Hope it makes it easier. Please help me out :grin:

Second bump. After more than one year o.O

Think because its been a year you might need to update the prices a little mate! Good luck :blush: