After some English ex's again

Looking for mint cards or high quality NM cards. I want the best I can get for my collection. Would love to purchase them in large groups if you’ve got them, but will entertain individual card offers. Thanks for any help I can get here. :blush:

Raichu ex
Typhlosion ex

Golem ex
Muk ex
Rayquaza ex

Team Magma vs. Team Aqua:
Raikou ex
Sceptile ex
Suicune ex
Swampert ex

Hidden Legends:
Ninetails ex
Vileplume ex

Fire Red/Leaf Green:
Gengar ex
Mr. Mime ex (Odds)
Moltres ex

Team Rocket Returns:
Rocket’s Artocuno es
Rocket’s Mewtwo ex

Crobat ex (96/107)
Deoxys (Normal) ex (97/107)
Deoxys (Attack) ex (98/107)
Deoxys (Defense) ex (99/107)

Cacturn ex
Raichu ex
Regirock ex

Legend Maker:
Dustox ex
Flygon ex
Walrein ex

Crystal Guardians:
Aggron ex

Dragon Frontiers:
Dragonite ex

Power Keepers:
Metagross ex
Walrein ex

Armaldo ex (HOLO)
Armaldo ex (NON-HOLO)

Celebi ex (NON-HOLO)

Ho-oh ex (HOLO)
Ho-oh ex (NON-HOLO)

Deoxys ex

Nintendo Black Star Promos:
Kyogre ex (001)
Kyogre ex (Holo) (001)
Groudon ex (Holo) (002)
Moltres ex (031)
Articuno ex (032)

I’ve gotten a little contact from a couple of users here, and the list has thus been reduced somewhat. However, I’m still clearly in need of many of these. Bumping with hopes of more help.