Buying a few English ex Cards (NOT EX)

I’m plenty frustrated with confusion elsewhere over ex vs. EX, so I figured I might come somewhere that I can guarantee people will know the difference. :blush:

I’m looking for MINT cards, or pretty darn close to it. Here’s the few I’m interested in buying at the moment.

Milotic ex (96/106) – Emerald
Venasaur ex (112/112) – FireRed & LeafGreen
Dragonite ex (90/97) – Dragon

These are the only ones I’m in a position to purchase in the mean time, but please let me know if you’ve got them and are willing to part with them for a reasonable price.

Also, if you’d prefer to trade for them, I’ve primarily got in format things. Here is what I have available for trade:

Zekrom EX FA
Zekrom EX
Tornadus FA
Regigigas EX FA
Regigigas EX
Shiny Emboar
Pokemon Catcher (Regular and RH)
Kyruem EX FA
Terrakion NVI (Regular, RH and FA)
Kyogre EX FA
Kyogre EX
Shaymin EX FA
Thundurus FA
Tornadus EX FA
Tornadus EX

McDonald’s Promos (Ask for multiples):

2x Oshawott (4/12)
1x Blitzle (6/12)
3x Sandile (8/12)
1x Zorua (9/12)
3x Pidove (11/12)

1x Servine (1/12)
4x Pansage (2/12)
1x Dwebble (3/12)
1x Pignite (4/12)
1x Woobat (7/12)
2x Klang (11/12)

I have these:
Dragonite ex x2 - $15 each

Venusaur ex x1 - $25

Milotic ex x1 - $12

Messaging you now. Thanks.