LF EX Series cards and Japanese Holos

I’m narrowing down the last few cards from my 128 PSA 10 ex series ex cards. I’ll list the cards I need in order of priority/difficulty. I know of a few owners of the cards I’m missing (on the lower priority) I’m just waiting on my copies to
come back from PSA. So if you have them and you aren’t looking to trade at least let me know if you have it. Once i get down
to 5 or less I might make you a much better offer.

Top Priority
PSA 10 or Mint Raw of these:

Ex Team Magma vs Team Aqua Entei ex, Cradily, Sceptile
Ex Emerald : Raichu ex, Dusclops ex, Altaria ex, Milotic ex, Farfetch’d (SR/Box Topper)
Ex Unseen Forces: Tyranitar ex
POP series 1 Holo Tyranitar ex

Mid Priority
PSA 10 or Mint Raw of these:

Ruby & Sapphire Chansey ex, Sneasel ex, Scyther ex, Mewtwo ex
Hidden Legends Regirock ex, Wigglytuff ex

Low Priority
Looking for any Japanese Tyranitars in Mint condition. 1st edition or unlimited.

  • I only need Unlimited Tyranitars from the e-Series

  • Looking for 1st ed and unlimited Tyranitar exs (i’d like to not have to buy a whole deck box)

  • will consider other languages and NM/Mt copies of Larvitar, Pupitar and Tyranitars for my binder.

  • PSA 10 or Mint ex series Holos english and Japanese.

  • Mint BW/XY series Holos

I have Tyranitar in psa 10 1st ed full art japanese xy7, and both Tyranitar ex normal ex psa 10 1st ed for you. only 1 spare normal full art tyranitar, not mega in psa 10, other one is mine lol.

For the newest Japanese sets I’m not looking to buy them graded unless it’s on auction.

ohh thats sucks.

You still buying the ones we talked about.>??

yup. Trying to find my next purchases so I dont lose out.

Okay. Don’t leave me hanging too long. I would like to move these fairly soon.

I have TM vs TA cradily ex, Ruby & Sapph Chansey Mewtwo and Sneasel ex’s all on their way back from PSA in gem mt 10.