LF PSA 10 Gold stars, Old exs, BW FA & SR


I am looking for a few cards to help finish my collection. I collect mostly english cards except for VS series, Tyranitars and it’s evolution line. I appreciate any help whether in locating these owners, buying from you or a Japanese middleman for the Tyranitars.

PSA 10 Latias Gold Star
PSA 10 Treecko Gold Star
PSA 10 Alakazam Gold Star
PSA 10 Pikachu Gold Star (liarspoker has one but he straight lied about his offers)

PSA 10s
Unseen Forces Espeon, Scizor, Politoed, Celebi ex
Dragon Frontiers Dragonite, Latias, Latios ex

English PSA 10 BW & XY cards
Yveltal FA
Xerneas FA
Emolga FA
Jirachi FA (last card I need to complete a PB PSA 10 FA and SR set. I have all 9 other cards)
Latias FA
Latios FA
Heatran FA
Sigilyph SR
Empoleon SR
Rayquaza FA
Mew FA
Ho Oh FA
Serperior SR
Kyogre FA
Entei FA
Zoroark SR
Shaymin FA
Reshiram FA
Zekrom FA
Kyurem FA
NV Cobalion FA
NV Terrakion FA
BW zekrom FA
EPO Thundurus FA
Pikachu SR

Aquapolis Tyranitar holo & rev holo
Expedition Tyranitar Holo & rev holo
1st ed Neo Discovery Tyranitar Holo
Unlimited Neo Discovery Tyranitar Holo & non holo
1st ed Neo Destiny Dark Tyranitar Holo
Unlimited Neo Destiny Dark Tyranitar holo
Any other english or Japanese Tyranitars.
I love Tyranitar haha

I have an ungraded 1st edition Shining Tyranitar and a Japanese Jumbo Delta Tyranitar if you’re intestered.

I also have the Pikachu*. Might not want to part with it right away but at least you know where another can be found. PM me if you would like :blush:

I’ve got a gem mint set of the JPN Tyranitar ex promo line if you’re interested.

Wow I’ve never heard of the jumbo Tyranitar before. Would you be willing to part with it?

What’s the condition of the shining tyranitar?

The shining tyranitar is in NM/Mint Condition.

The jumbo card looks like this: i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa114/ebayaccountnet/iCollected/Pokemon/Japanese/Ultra%20Rare/Tyranitarex.jpg

And yes, I’m willing to part with both of them. PM Me your offer.

Interested in a PSA 10 Rocket’s Tyranitar from VS?

Depends on what mine comes back as. I opened a Fire Vs Water box and got 2 Karyns. They have been at PSA for almost a month. I’ll know soon. Thank you for letting me know you have one.

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