WTB (Want To Buy) VS Cards

Hi! I am looking to trade/buy the following VS cards if you have them in mint condition and 1st edition:

Falkner’s Pidgeot
Falkner’s Farfetch’d
Falkner’s Dodrio
Falkner’s Delibird
Bugsy’s Beedrill
Bugsy’s Scizor
Whitney’s Clefable
Whitney’s Persian
Morty’s Ninetails
Morty’s Murkrow
Jasmine’s Magneton
Jasmine’s Jolteon
Jasmine’s Steelix
Pryce’s Dewgong
Pryce’s Lapras
Pryce’s Articuno
Pryce’s Sneasel
Pryce’s Piloswine
Pryce’s Delibird
Clair’s Blastoise
Clair’s Jynx
Clair’s Gyrados
Clair’s Dragonite
Clair’s Politoed
Clair’s Kingdra
Lt. Surge’s Raichu
Misty’s Lapras
Misty’s Quagsire
Erika’s Bellossom
Erika’s Jumpluff
Janine’s Arbok
Janine’s Venomoth
Blaine’s Typhlosion
Blaine’s Macargo
Karen’s Magmar
Karen’s Flareon
Karen’s Tyranitar
Karen’s Umbreon
Karen’s Houndoom
Lance’s Charizard
Lance’s Gyarados
Lance’s Ampharos
Lance’s Kingdra

Now, for this next part, I cannot list all of the cards, so let’s do it like this, by set number:


Rocket’s Tyranitar

Please name your price for those VS cards if you have them, or check the “PS” for my Japanese trades.

I am also looking for the 5th Movie Half Deck. I’ve had no luck so far, so let me know if you have this for sale, or know of somewhere where I might find it.

PS: If you are looking for other VS cards/Newer Japanese cards, I have a trading post here!:


The 5th movie half deck is exceedingly hard to find… the only cards I own from it are Misty’s Politoed and the Latias/Latios holos, and the Politoed is for my personal collection. However, I know that, as of a few weeks ago, a LiveJournal member known as kyogres had a good chunk of the deck for sale. That’s where I got my Lati@s and Politoed at a great deal. I don’t know what she has left, though.

In any case, there’s a chance I’d sell the Lati@s, but you’d have to give me a very good offer. Don’t know what I’d be willing to sell them at.

I have some VS cards, but am too busy at the moment to dig through my duplicates to find them. I will check this weekend hopefully.