VS Series cards

Hey Guys,

I was wondering if these prices are fair:

1x Rocket’s Wobbuffet Holo $10
1x Falkner’s Togetic $2
1x Falkner’s Delibird $3
1x Falkner’s Dodrio $1
1x Falkner’s Farfetch’d $2
1x Falkner’s Pidgeot $3
1x Bugsy’s Yanma $3
1x Bugsy’s Beedrill $3
1x Whitney’s Lickitung $2
1x Whitney’s Persian $2
1x Whitney’s Wigglytuff $3
1x Whitney’s Clefable $3
1x Morty’s Noctowl $2
1x Morty’s Misdreavus $1
1x Morty’s Gengar $3
1x Morty’s Hypno $1
1x Chuck’s Granbull $1
1x Chuck’s Tauros $2
1x Chuck’s Donphan $3
1x Chuck’s Primape $2
1x Chuck’s Rhydon $2
1x Jasmine’s Jolteon $4
1x Pryce’s Delibird $2
1x Claire’s Dragonite $5
1x Claire’s Mantine $3
1x Claire’s Blastoise $10
1x Will’s Espeon $4
1x Will’s Xatu $1
1x Will’s Jynx $3
1x Will’s Slowbro $2
1x Will’s Slowking $4
1x Will’s Exeggutor $2
1x Koga’s Forretress $4
1x Bruno’s Ursaring $2
1x Bruno’s Machamp $2
1x Bruno’s Hitmontop $4
1x Lance’s Dragonite $5
1x Lance’s Gyarados $4
1x Lance’s Aerodactyl $4
1x Lance’s Ampharos $3
1x Brock’s Omastar $4
1x Misty’s Lapras $4
1x Erika’s Bellossom $5
1x Janine’s Venomoth $4
1x Janine’s Arbok $3
1x Sabrina’s Xatu $2


Lol are you looking to sell or buy? I have an additional wobuffet, I’d take $10 for it any day

I.e. Just from the first one, they look on the high side to me

Well, a guy is interested in trading for some cards/sleeves of mine and I am interested in his VS series cards. When I asked him what he values them at he replied with these prices.
Especially the U/Cs look kinda overpriced. LMK

I’m selling some right now and I’m only doing $0.50 per common, except for the Raichus, which I think I did $4.00 each, and I did $6 for holos. Most of VS cards are already reserved for someone, but I’ll make a list of my extras if you are interested.

I think more than $1.00 per common is too much, except for staple Pokemon such as Raichu, Charizard, Blastoise, Jolteon, Espeon. The only prices I agree with on that list are the Jolteon and Espeon since there are so many Eeveelution collectors. I am actually missing Will’s Espeon, do you think this trader has an extra one?

I can try to get the Espeon off him and trade it to you if you want me to :wink:

actually pokeorder have quite of bit of them and sell all of theres for no more then $1.50

but thing is on ebay people go nuts for them and high prices.a VS espeon and xatu went to like 7 b4 shipping alone

I’ll be going through my duplicates once my latest stuff arrives, I definitely have VS duplicates from a booster I cracked ages ago.

I’ll start a selling thread where the prices aren’t so stupid if people still need a few cards. I still have the Wobbuffet for a start…

lol i still didnt get how a VS lance’s charizard went to 130 on ebay just awhile back.but majority of the VS cards should only be worth less than a dollar only specific ones will be more than a dollar

Like I said in an earlier post, I’ve got some VS cards for sale, at $0.50 per common (except for a Raichu I have). Will post the list in my thread.