Should any of these cards get graded?values please

So I recently bought 3, VS booster packs.
One Electric/Grass one
One Fighting/Psy one
One Water/Fire one

I paid $35 USD for them all shipped…
So $10 a pack + shipping

the cards I’m wondering about

Karen’s Umbreon
Lance’s Charizard
Falkner’s Skarmory
Karen’s Flareon
Sabrina’s Espeon
Lance’s Aerodactyl
Lance’s Gyrados
Pryce’s Articuno
Rocket’s Raikou
Karen’s Houndoom

:slight_smile: Any and all help is welcome :blush:
I think I am finally over 50 % complete on this set…
So many holos :dizzy_face:

where the heck did u find all 3 for 35 shipped lol.but for value wise here is how i see em

Karen’s Umbreon-30-50
Lance’s Charizard-30-90
Falkner’s Skarmory-5-15
Karen’s Flareon-1-3
Sabrina’s Espeon 1-6
Lance’s Aerodactyl 1-5
Lance’s Gyrados 1-5
Pryce’s Articuno 1-4
Rocket’s Raikou 5-15
Karen’s Houndoom

The interwebs :stuck_out_tongue:
But someone on youtube had 9 packs of them, however at the time I made a deal with them, I could only purchase 3, another person is getting the other 6.

Really… Hrm, then should something like Charizard or Umbreon be graded then?

yes lance’s charizard the most overated card also in the set.people are going crazy just for him which is sad and the other cards are like sitting ducks

Charizards are always that way no matter what.

yea i originally though charizard was a common holo but it was just a regular card.the only reason charizard goes high cause everyone wants it.its like cause of the base set charizard people pay alot for almost any charizard card.