Which card do you think is the most over valued?

Title says it all.

(Remember that card value depends on a lot more than just rarity, so any response of 1st Ed Base Charizard, or anything else with obvious reasons for their high price, is silly)

My vote is for any Base Set Holo that is Square Cut(with a few exceptions). There is more or less no way to tell if they are legitimate Square Cuts or cards cut from a sheet someone has bought. I am always perplexed that people are willing to invest considerable amounts of money into buying things that in most cases cannot be verified.


I would probably say either Crystal Charizard or Espeon/Umbreon *.


Thats a good one milhouse, cards with a high price usually command it for good reason. I wouldn’t go near a square cut card

1st ed shining zard.
May come under the silly category although a main issue (similar with a lot of cards) is that ungraded copies are quite hard to come by. Due to this when they do pop up they command high prices as graded copies are sometimes in the 500-1000 range.

Very rare and desireable card, but the prices can get insane.


Good topic.

I have two.

Any card with a gold star
Any card or sticker from Nisui, Bandai, Carddass, Meiji etc.

One, there were a known billion made. The other there was a secret hoard produced.

I would agree with the square cuts except for the unlimited base set holos. There simply aren’t very many of those sheets around. Does anybody on this site (besides me Rusty and Andrew) even own one? If so…don’t cut it up. It’s value is on the rise with no end in site.

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I own one of these sheets :stuck_out_tongue:
And the seller I bought it from has another one left. But I would never cut it haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Back on topic, I agree that Umbreon* & Espeon* are overprized. In my area they actually pop-up more then some other goldstars like Groudon, Kyogre, Metagross… for example.


Are you talking about pop5 versions or play promos?

Is your sheet nearly mint or mint? I have a regular who keeps bugging me and his last offer was a grand. He’s in California.

Surely the Pop 5 versions. It’d be awesome to see the Play promos appear with any sort of regularity but it doesn’t seem like they do.

Full Art Anniversary Pikachu Promos

I absolutely LOVE the card. Went out of my way to grade myself a 10 copy when they first came out. But the prices they started realizing a couple months ago was just bananas. They’re still high IMO.


Yeah, of course I ment the POP5 versions.

My sheet is pretty damaged at the corners if I remember correctly (just the silver border, not the cards itself), it’s framed now. I’ll search for old pictures.


To original question, Flashfire Mega Charizard-EX 108/106 takes my number one spot right before Pikachu FA mentioned by @funmonkey54 . Yes it’s Charizard, secret rare and hard to grade, still fairly new card so seeing psa 10 auctions ending $800+ is just silly.

This. And the rat. But this to the max. I havent been able to figure out that damn price and it makes me mad.

PSA 10 English full arts, amirite??

But really, as much as I love them, probably the pop 5 gold stars. Also, in my (probably unpopular) opinion, English shining cards. The Neo 3 ones were fabulous, but Neo Destiny ones are so eh. Bland holo with art that really doesn’t stand out for it’s time.

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Makin’ enemies. I love those cards. Haha! :wink:


Lets talk about M Rayquaza EX SR prices for a second. Just like Charizards, yes, it’s a Rayquaza, secret rare, and hard to find, but $80-90 for a brand new card? I don’t see prices going down any time soon, because as we all know on this forum, we all have to have one. I paid $65 for mine and I thought it was a bad deal, but as time goes on it’s starting to look better and better.

Maybe we can be salvaged to acquaintances, I love the Japanese versions :stuck_out_tongue:

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Eh, any respectful collector with a good attitude is a friend of mine. Haha.

I appreciate both in that the shiny pokemon are actually shiny, rather than just a random different color.

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Generally speaking, I actually think the market is pretty fair at the moment.

They are Very Highly priced in Japan right now. The MOST EXPENSIVE card I can see on YahooJapan from the past few generations. Coming in around $60-$65.