What is the most expensive card in your collection?

Didn’t see a post like this yet so I figured I’d make one. As the title says what is the most expensive card in your collection? It could be graded non graded, a Pre-release Raichu, or that 1st edition red cheeks Pikachu you have sitting in a shoebox somewhere!


This is mine, its Not too rare or hard to find by any means but I picked it up (graded) for around $900.

Care to share?


I’m lucky enough to own both the

  1. Square Cut ‘No Stage’ Blastoise
  2. The Cigar Hitmonlee Error (Not really Cigar)


Gary, I didn’t know you were the owner of the Cigar Hitmonlee! :tada:

Hmm… As for me, I’d have to say my Neo 3 Shining Gyarados. I’d like to say my Square Cut Shining Gyarados card is, since I only know of two in existence including mine, but not sure how people see it’s worth.

Hopefully one day I can say I have the Snap Gyarados, and then I’ll actually have a Pokemon card that breaks the 100 dollar barrier. XD


I’d probably have to go with my First Edition Charizard from Base Set.

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Eh, I would have said my 1st Edition Japanese Half Deck Charizard ex a while ago. Since it was the first, and only PSA 10 of the card for a while. But now there are a few of them and I have been out of the loop in that regard. I am not even sure if any have been sold to give a rough value.

Otherwise I really have no idea.

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Wait for him to see the highlight and see if he did I suppose. I wouldn’t sell mine at all, but I’m interested in it’s rough value.

How rare that Albino Zapdos is in numbers, and is there any sales history for it ?

Probably my 1997 Pikachu No. 1 Trainer :blush:


My 1st edition charizard in EX condition for now and after that will be…Birthday Pikachu 2008 Jumbo card

[/quote]Same as the Square Cut Blastoise error: No sales history and no one on here has seen another one yet.
That’s true. I was going by the legit offers I’ve received two of which were more than I could have bought an Illustrator for in the last 4 years;)

Regarding seeing another one, I’ve had nearly 20,000 hits on that Blastoise listing where I offered $10,000.00 usd to anyone who found another one but none have surfaced:(

And if another ever did surface? I’d love mine exactly the same:)

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If we have to pick a single card, I suppose arguably the Chinese Championship Arena. Thanks to some research by Joe, we know that the number that could possibly be out there is extremely small. Still no others. If you go by sales history, it’s definitely NOT my most expensive. But if you went by what it would take to buy a copy right here and now (AKA: Buy my copy), the price is much higher. hahaha

That’s one thing I’m finding really cool about this thread right now. Some people are opting for their trophy cards, and others are opting for cards that you simply couldn’t buy because they have the only copies and what it would take to get it from them is insane. And I love that so much because it shows people are collectors here. They know what it means to love a card and really cling to it. To sort of make it a part of the identity your collection takes on for you. That goes for both responses: the trophies and the one-offs. There is a monetary value element, true, but there is a HUGE sentimental value element in answering a question like this.



Theme music for Pikachu in that edit.

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I am dead. That is incredible. I cried.

That picture is actually from Clive/Avmozz back in the day when his illustrator was the only copy around. When asked if he sold it, that was his response.

Anyway, in regards to the 1st edition Charizard ex psa 10, it sold for 1k almost immediately after listing it. I don’t know what the range would be on that card as finding it in actual gem mint condition is a pain.

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I think I don’t have expensive cards in my collection, but I will say : my french Shining Charizard in 1st edition and mint (extremely rare in France), or my french square cut Mewtwo (I have never seen another french square cut cards from a deck).

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Would love to own a square cut French card. Love it:)


iquit. *tosses collection out the windows*