Rarest Item(s) in Your Collection

Have an item that’s unique? Perhaps one of a kind? Or perhaps an item that was given out in limited quantities?

Or maybe it’s an item that’s of excellent condition where all other items are in poor shape?

Post pictures and how you were to obtain these rare artifacts of your collection!

Would misprinted cards count?
I would say that guy with the snap card should post it here.

I’d say misprints definitely count!

Do sealed boxes count?

Misprint, Nintedo Mew.
Crimped holofoil, Packaging misprint? (lines), and spots were the holofoil didn’t apply properly. I’ve seen these types of misprints on cards right out of packs. Hope this isn’t too controversial.
Holofoil crimped
2 lines horizontal and vertical
Missing part of the holofoil
Another spot located under the vertical line.
At the very least we can all agree it’s a misprint Nintedo Mew.

I changed the title and context to “items” instead of cards. Share anything rare of your collection!

IMHO…this is by far the rarest Pokemon item in the world…maybe even the CROWN JEWEL of ALL non sports cards.



That is extremely impressive!

Good thing it’s not Gyarados or I’d cry myself and my collection to sleep. XD

My sealed Masaki Set

The ever mysterious glossy vending style Articuno :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

feels good to be back :blush:


Bravo, I’m very impressed by your cards Jacob’s Gengar !

Is the Articuno a “real” card ?

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Very nice Misaki cards. I never understood one thing on that Blastoide card. If that is PSA why not grade the square cut? It does make you wonder if that originally was a starter sheet and someone at home, cut the square cut.

Not sure what my rarest card is in terms of raw rarity for the card.
But I have the only PSA 10 1st Edition Japanese Charizard EX (FRLG)


For a relatively popular card I am pretty proud of it.

EDIT: Just checked the POP Report and it turns out someone else has achieved a 10 on it, so now there are 2!


Jacob, I’m checking out your collection right now. I love the fact that you have the full set of Jumbo Zukan Sticker cards. I recently got the Zapdos one that features Gyarados as a main sticker on the card and absolutely love it! Also, those other 5 cards look great! Plus I love the artwork on that Articuno. I’ve never seen that one before.

CCGCollector, good point! I hadn’t thought of that and I’m also curious as to why they didn’t get it PSA graded. Maybe they thought that it would be too expensive for someone to get if they did that and it’d be unsellable (though I have my doubts about it being able to be bought even as is!).

Milhouse, congrats on that PSA grading. Love the artwork of that card. I’m hoping that I can obtain a collection of PSA 10 Gyarados cards of at least one from each set in both Japanese and English but I believe that might be a while as I don’t have the money. XD

Mine is my VS Green/Yellow sealed booster box :blush:

@pope’s Gengar - whats the story with that articuno? I was under the impression it was only produced as a phone card

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One of my new favorites and probably my rarest card as far as production numbers go:

SPOILER: Click to show

Huge thanks to Nestor for this one! :grin:


Not as good as you guys’

but I’ve got this sealed deck…



That is a great deck!

You should show us some pictures of your Pikachu collection. :blush:

The reason the Blastoise isn’t PSA graded is because PSA doesn’t grade square cuts…except by mistake. Not even BGS will grade square cuts unless there’s no bevel and all the cards produced had square corners.
The authenticity though is not in question as it has been pregraded and authenticated…but not encapsulated. I have first hand knowledge of that.

I’ve seen the cards artwork only on “phone card” and on the GB card game.
But this version with the fossil logo it’s new for me! Maybe it can be a “Beta” japanese fossil card? like the “For position only” cards?