What are the most valued/desired/rarest cards in existence ?

Hello all, I’m new here but some of you know me from outside of this forum. I’m currently looking into what are the most valued/desired, and rarest cards in existence. I know many members here own many of them, but what do you think are the most desired and why?

Just genuinely interested and its a great community, so i hope you can help! :blush:


Pikachu Illustrator and Raichu Pre-Release are what come to mind. Most of the rarest cards in existence are Japanese promos. I believe I also saw a square cut Base Set Blastoise on eBay, which might be the only one in existence although I’m not sure. Of course, the 1st Edition Base Set Charizard is the one card that put Pokemon on the map back when they released outside of Japan, so that is probably the one most people would be after. Chinese cards are also pretty rare, you don’t see them for sale often.

Trophy Cards from World Tournaments/Early Japanese Tournaments
Distributor Promo Cards
English VS Set
FPO Cards
Sample E3 Cards

In terms of pure rarity those come to mind.

What are the distributor promos?

Not 100% on full details. I know they are mid 2000s and there are 6 of each.

True I know a guy on here who’s Poka mad for the Chinese cards :blush: Very hard to come by, but it’s interesting to see what other people know, as I only know of some, but not all of them always something new to learn!

Female battle roads trainers.
Some of the more elusive personalized trophycards. snap cards. Tmb phonecards.

There’s actually already a thread for this.
Feel free to read that here:


It will give you more of a jump start on the conversation at the very least.


@bagoly14 are they that rare?

As far as “Rarest”…There’s over 3 dozen Illustrators and the pre-release Raichu is a myth/urban legend.
The rarest (and coolest) are:

  1. The No-Stage, Square Cut Blastoise
  2. The Cigar Hitmonlee

I can already hear the peanut gallery haters rustln’ around LOL.


I’m still partial to the gb/fossil articuno phonecard

There is no confirmation the darkrai and creseila were ever released. There is only documentation for intended release.

In general, the rarest and/or most valuable cards are objectively the pre 2003 japanese trophy cards.


Im sure I heard around 3-5 copies were given out of the DPT-P versions before the switch happened. The 3 lottery Daisuki Scramble cards (Pachirisu,Croagunk & Eevee) havent been seen either but do exist so I would put the high on a rarity list.


I heard all the big collectors are REALLY after post-2010 crimped cards.

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Has anyone actually seen a copy of the darkrai creseila?

I have a Hawlucha Ex and a Fighting Stadium crimped if you know someone who wants them…?

Only if they have indents and creases as well.


I was being deeply sarcastic. They are damaged goods. The general opinion is that you should be angry about receiving a damaged card.


36+ is still pretty rare considering how many Pokemon cards have been printed. I think anything that isn’t released in a pack will usually be rare, but idk maybe I’m wrong? :thinking:

Isn’t the pre-release Raichu confirmed though? I thought I read an article somewhere that it’s actually been auctioned for $Xx,xxx but I can’t recall at the moment. Maybe it was something else lol.

I remember seeing two square cut French 1st edition charizards for auction earlier this year, anyone know how many of these are out there/if they’re legit?

Was never auctioned. It was sold, however.

The two articles you should read to be pretty well informed are here:


And here: