What’s your most expensive card?

Thought this would be cool. I’m sure this has been done before but wanted to see what everyone has currently. Flex those collections!

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This is mine

I doubt any of you n00bs have a more expensive card


I’ve got an almost complete shadowless base set. That’s about as high as it goes for me!

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I don’t really have a single expensive card anymore. I’ve downsized my collection to my favorites nowadays.

Last year someone offered me $1,600 for pop 1 at the time PSA 10 Scyther. Now it’s pop 3 and probably couldn’t get that much. Regardless, it goes to show my loyalty to the card.


The most I’ve spent or the one I’d be able to sell for the most? Either way I don’t know :partying_face:

Never thought I’d ever find one of those, much less be crazy enough to buy it. Guess that’s what happens when you go on yahoo auctions at 2am every day. Love this card.


Brand new grading company. What are your thoughts?


It’s worth $30,000, right?


From those two pictures it looks solid! Centering looks fantastic, the small white bits on the back edges look like cut imperfections/extra material as opposed to any kind of damage. I don’t see any surface wear but that’s to be expected with a straight-on picture of course. Without having the card in-hand to verify authenticity or pictures from a bunch of angles I’d put it in the 8-10 range depending on whether your grader has eaten lunch or not haha.

Goes without saying: This is just my personal opinion. I train graders and help with authentication, but the majority of the grading isn’t done by me personally.

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As a set card collector, I don’t have any individual Pokemon cards that are particularly expensive. The most valuable ones are probably either my PSA 9 Crystal Ho-Oh or CGC 9 Latios gold star:

If we’re allowing non-card Pokemon TCG items, though, then that would probably be a joint honor that goes to my EX boxes, which are all worth relatively similar amounts to each other (with Dragon being slightly above the others):

Overall, nothing that even close to measures up to some of the crazy promo cards people on this forum own! There are a number of forum members who own Illustrators, OG trophy Pikas, and the like – which exceed the value of any item in my collection by a factor of probably 50 lol. But such is the life of a mere set card collector :slight_smile:.


Crystal Ho-Oh is one of my favorites of all time, such a beautiful card. This is still a top tier collection, you should be proud! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also love that CGC puts an actual star on the label, we do the same, it’s such a nice little touch!


Thank you :slight_smile:. I try not to let myself get too blinded by the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality. For me, the sentimental value of set cards outweighs the prestige and monetary value associated with trophies (not that I could afford an Illustrator even if I wanted one, though lol).


I’m right there with you, collecting is a largely sentimental thing for me as well. My father (Wayne Alan) was passionate about collecting and it was a big bonding thing for us when I was younger and Pokemon first launched. There’s a certain unspoken beauty about cards, regardless of prestige or “stonks” that I don’t think a lot of people get anymore.


These are probably my top most expensive single cards. However, I have a ton of raw cards & binders that are worth a lot more than these combined, which is where I put the bulk of my money into. Most grades below 9 I just crack out for binder/toploader purposes. I got quite a few slabs at PWCC still, but none with as high $ figure as these. Mystical Elf has climbed a lot since I bought it. Alpha Serra Angel I got for a very good deal recently, and the 7th Ed foil has climbed a lot since I bought it years back.

Overall, no plans to sell these. Easily some of my favourite cards of all time.


Most people think Snap Chansey is the rarest Chansey, but this 1-of-1 Illustration Contest winner Chansey is actually the rarest. I’m blessed to have it, a true grail.


Whippin’ out the big guns! Serra Angel & 1st Edition Base Set. Great collection!

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Is that… Laminated? :joy:

Probably this guy


Mine would be this umbreon

I think the seller did not know what they had, it was sold in a lot auction with like 10 other promos. Including shipping I paid 20 dollars for this lot. While the seller did not know what they had, neither did I. When it arrived it dissapeared in a bulk box. A year later when I went through that box again I wondered why I had never seen that card. When I looked it up I was pleasantly surprised about what kind of release it had and how rare the card is.


How much is all the 12 Pikachu cosplay full arts worth?

2x Charizard full art (shiny and regular)
2x Rayquaza (shiny and regular)
Team skull full art
Team skull regular
Mario Pikachu full art
Mario regular
Luigi Pikachu full art
Luigi regular
Magikarp Pikachu full art
Gyarados Pikachu full art

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