Which to get Graded?

At the moment, I’m only able to get 3 more of my cards graded when Scott sends in an order…

I have a list of cards I am considering, so any and all help would be lovely!

I have…

Misty’s Corsola
Ross’ Wailmer
Mewtwo EX Japanese
Jirachi from 6th movie deck (can’t recall the name offhand)
ANY Card from the 8th movie deck
Misty’s Politoed
Annie’s Espeon
Karen’s Umbreon
Clair’s Politoed
Plage Tropicale
Spiaggia Tropicale

No idea, any thoughts would be lovely.

Thing is, most of these I’d like to some day get graded…

Im iffy about Annie’s Espeon because of a tiny indentation that will give her probably a 9

Agree with FrostyFluxy on everything.

Any card I plan on keeping in my collection I would grade.
So, I’d grade 'em all! ;D

Hmmm but picking three…

If you want resale value:
Mewtwo EX

For collection:
Your favorite 3

I wish you best of luck, and hope you get the grades you are expecting!

So I’m probably going to do…

Annie’s Espeon
Karen’s Umbreon
Misty’s Politoed

They are the ones that I like the most and probably want to get graded…
I don’t have HUGE collections like other members here…
I get all my collection basically from trading and such

Mewtwo EX was from a friend who is an exchange student from Japan (she gave me 2 packs, in the other I got Kyurem EX) :grin:

Spiaggia Tropicale and Plage Tropicale I won on pkmncollectors for $15 if I remember correctly.

Misty’s Corsola - got this on pkmncollectors and I like Misty cards

Ross’ Wailmer (other 5th movie pokemon) - “” just cause it is 5th movie
Altomare’s Aerodactyl/Pidgeotto, though unlisted they are 5th movie too so really rare

Jirachi - I got that from a website REALLY cheap, can’t reveal where though :wink:

8th movie cards I got for my birthday

so yeah…
I have other VS holos but none I would be confident enough with getting PSA 10…

Well PSA 8 or 9 bring significantly less than PSA 10 ;D
Like Karen’s Umbreon I pulled, so am DEFINITELY confident it will get a 10

If you were to see a PSA 9 or PSA 10 of the same card, you’d get the 10 too :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah plus it was a pain to get the politoed

Ugh, now my dad is like
“Grading is a waste of money”


Politoed was just hard to find for sale/trade

My dad said that grading was a waste of money too (not that he pays for it anyways). He changed his mind really fast when I showed him details of my profits after grading and selling the cards :wink:


What do you think the graded espeon and umbreon will bring?

Umbreon Gem Mint 10 - $200.00? One appears to have sold for $300 but there’s a chance ebirdman bought his own card to increase demand :wink: Espeon; I’m not sure. If you say it’s likely a 9 then maybe about $80.00?

Don’t accept these prices as the correct ones, they are only quick estimates as I don’t know anything about the cards I just took a wild guess and checked Ebay listings. You’d be better to ask another member! Either way you’ll make your grading money back if you grade them, they grade high, and you sell them :blush:

I see thanks!

Umbreon max $200 and that’s pushing it.