Should I Grade These?


I have some cards I want to get graded to resell, but I am not convinced it would be worth it. I know the cards will get 9’s and 10’s but I just wondering what ya’ll think about the value of each when graded.

Here are the ones I’m questioning:

Japanese Rayquaza Gold Star
PLAY! Promos (Moltres Zapdos, Kyogre, Groudon - I’m definitely grading my Mew)
Charizard ex Dragons Secret Rare 100/97 (Should I get the whole secret rare trio graded or just Charizard?)
Japanese Mew EX BW5 022
Japanese Regigigas EX BW3 045
Japanese Shaymin EX BW3 005
My “Snowflake” Christmas Calendar cards

Thanks to anyone who helps me out! :slight_smile:

I think Rayquaza* and the Play promos would be good. Not so sure about the others though. I don’t think they would be worth it unless you are getting a bulk discount when grading.

Grade them all if they are for your collection!

I have to agree. People always seem to ask “is grading my [insert card here]” worth it? Well, do you like the card and want to keep it as nice as possible? Is it one of your favorites? Then why not? Sure, grading can get expensive but if you use the cheapest service and get peace of mind and a sharp looking case to display/protection then it seems worth it to me.

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To resell…
Not the Snowflake or the Japanese Exs…
Not a huge collecting market for em