06/20/2012 - late - The Best of... 5th Movie!

I think we UPCCCers should start making a “Best of” series for these card of the weeks! What do you all think? Since no one put one up this week, I decided I should! Alongside this posting, I have a question for you all!

My personal favourite, is Misty’s Politoed!
I not only am a fanboy for Misty, I just love the artwork in this card! To me, the other cards in the set, aside from a few, just lack in pizazz. They aren’t as exciting to look at!

I believe the set is beautiful, though I admit that it shouldn’t be $300 for a sealed deck, that is ridiculous for a movie that isn’t even THAT old, it was made what 2005? Something like that?
For some reason that rings a bell, though I believe it was a few years prior…

Anywho, my question is…
I do have a few of these cards from this deck, not the complete deck mind you…

Ross’ Wailmer, Misty’s Corsola, Misty’s Politoed, AltoMare’s Pidgeotto and Annie’s Espeon (Getting GRADED! THANKS SCOTT) Anywho…

My question is…

If you were like me, trying to make ends meat, with saving for school, alongside moderately collecting, would you sell the cards you already have? I mean each of those, probably could fetch $10-40 each… Exception being the Espeon reaching 50+ UNGRADED…

Or would you grade a few, sell one to pay for the cost, grade a few, sell one… etc?

I do have some gems coming in the mail, and have some gems on hand, so really would appreciate advice! I do have other things I plan on selling, don’t worry, these 5th movie cards will be around for a while yet!

Such a lovely card! I love the backround and how there are balloons :3 And I agree, it shouldn’t be $300. That’s ridiculous.
And I’d sell them as is. In my opinion, those cards aren’t valuable enough to get graded. That is, if you want to sell them.

I will take the Politoed and Corsola off you though :0 PM me, since I haven’t sent out yet, I can include some more stuff ;D

Those two are definitely not leaving the collection Tolan ;__; Sorry bout that!
I was talking mainly the ugly Wailmer, Pidgeotto and eeveelution :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, depending… Like the Espeon would be worth it, as would the holos…

The Holos, Eeveelutions, and Politoed are the reasons the deck is worth so much. The holos for obvious reasons, the eeveeluitions for the eevee collectors, and the Politoed for the art work. The others don’t go for nearly as much. Because of that, those are the only ones I think should get graded.

And hey, it was worth a shot ;D

Ugh, I have all of the other movie half decks except for this one because I really don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. :slightly_frowning_face: I’ve gotten my hands on most of the cards from the set but I still need Politoed, Lati@s, Espeon and Alto Mare Cube (lol). Shame because I like all of those Pokemon, especially Politoed, more than the ones I have from the deck like Wailmer and Ariados.

I’m not sure which artwork I like the most from the deck though…

I have a spare cube too :dizzy_face:;
It would be cool to have a Misty collection! :stuck_out_tongue:

a misty collection is a fine collection. get politoed graded!

This is a beauty of a card! Thanks for posting, I’ve never seen this one before

This was one of my biggest wants when I first got back into collecting. It still is xD I am activly looking for it. I email the people at cardfire because they look for cards for you. Hopefully they’ll find me one.

If you think that $300 for the opened set is bad, how about $1000 for a sealed one?

Sealed eh, I wouldn’t doubt it

I have a love/hate relationship with that deck. I’ve managed to snag two in my time of collecting -Thanks Scott, for one of them XD- but my favorites are the holos. They’re just so dern perty XD But all of the cards are gorgeous, and I wouldn’t mind having a copy of the whole deck for myself… I just don’t think shelling out $500 for one is really worth it XD

By far my favorite Politoed. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am already bidding on one, now I have to bid on 2 of them >_> I want this sooooooooooo badly