Sealed 5th Movie Latios Deck

How much do you think the sealed 5th Movie Latios Half deck is worth?

Apparently there’s one on ebay for $400+ ><

They’re on Y!J for a lot less than that, but they are flipping expensive in whatever form.

DJ finding me mine for a cheap price (not sealed though) basically got me my holy grail in collecting. The Politoad and Corsola are my two favourite arts ever in Pokémon.

I wish I found the Meowth/Stantler 2007 battle road promo a few hours earlier, I could’ve repaid my debt finally! Oh well, maybe one day…

Y!J is your best bet at finding one at a reasonable price.

I was just amazed at the ebay one going for 400…I got all the movie decks sealed in a lot for 200

You can put anything on ebay at any price, selling something on ebay is what matters :blush:

i was wondering about that auction right now really 400 for that half deck.i know the cards singly go for alot more but really not worth that much.why was it so rare anyways was it really that limited produced than the other half decks

That’s still quite expensive!

I paid $15 each for everything apart from 5th (some from eBay) and 5th was around £30 (Jimmy’s), which at the time was about $60

This has actually been one of the hardest half decks to find any cards from… extreme hassle. They NEVER show up on eBay; Y!J and LiveJournal are the only places I’ve had any success.

I was able to pick up Alto Mare’s Latias, Alto Mare’s Latios, and Misty’s Politoed for around ~$35 total, IIRC, thanks to one Viper Fox (SHOUTOUT! :grin:), which are arguably the three most sought after cards in the set. However, a Misty’s Politoed recently went on eBay for something like $50, which is outrageous.

Overall, it’s difficult to say how much the sealed deck would be worth because they surface so rarely, and the individual cards vary wildly in price depending on who’s buying them and where they’re listed for sale.

Well no, because I’ve seen a couple on Y!J in the last three months or so. Now I wish I bought them and sold on for $400 :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want one, that’s your best bet…

Just re-visiting this thead, I have an opened 5th Movie Half Deck. I’m pondering what a good selling price is. Jimmy just sold an Annie’s Espeon 2 months ago for $35.

The cards have some whitening around the edges as well. I’m thinking $50. What does everyone else think?

for a opened one around 50 is about right.i know the latios and latias alone fetch for quite alot alone which is odd i scored those 2 for like 15 shipped