WTB: 5th Movie Half Deck (Theater Limited VS Pack)

Hi everyone,
So over the past few months, I’ve managed to get my hands on all of the movie-related cards for the 6th through 12th movies, leaving only the 5th movie half deck for me to acquire.

I know this is considered the rarest/most expensive of the movie half decks, but does anyone here have one for sale? It being sealed is not necessary, nor do the cards need to be in perfect condition, as long as all fourteen cards exclusive to the deck are present and in decent-ish condition (for me some edgewear, whitening or small creases would be fine - I only draw the line at the cards looking completely wrecked).

Do you think that the new movies like the zoroark movie will have a deck?

Also I do have the Arodactyl not mint, more like nearmintish…

I have the 18 card set for sale, how much were you looking to spend on them?