Want to get some cards graded...

I’m having a bit of trouble decided what to get graded. Here’s a list of cards I that I’m deciding to get graded, they’re all Japanese:

Rocket’s Hitmonchan
Brock’s Rhyhorn
Lt. Surge’s Magneton
Lt’s Surge’s Electabuzz
Misty’s Tentacruel
Misty’s Tears
Erika’s Vileplume
Rocket’s Zapdos
Rocket’s Mewtwo
Sabrina’s Alakazam

I’m thinking that I should definitely get the Rocket’s Mewtwo and Zapdos graded, but is there anything that should be graded as well?

Honestly, I wouldn’t get any graded. None of them are worth more then a couple of bucks, so getting them graded would just be a waste of money.

If Misty’s tears is mint it can increase the value.

Yeah, that’s what I kind of figured anyways.

They are all fresh out of the pack.

Yeah that Misty’s Tears looks promising, others I wouldn’t grade unless there was a sentimental connection to one.