To grade or not to grade

Hello e4
I just bought several MINT
Japanese collections from an owner who bought the new and baby this cards.
Got gym heroes, challenge, neo genesis, vending 1,2,3,5. Bulbasaur and squirtle decks also a complete english black star promo set…all these cards are pristine including quite a few base set no symbol non holos trainers.
Thinking about sending all the holos for grading plus some of the choice non holos.
If these were your cards would you get them graded or are they not worth the trouble?

Want to sell? Probably should grade.

Want to add to your binder collection? Probably shouldn’t grade.

Enjoy your new cards

How would we know if you don’t even post the cards, mint to you may not be mint to us. Idk what are you expecting

There were only 3 tcg vending series made, so what do you mean by vending series 5? Also do you mean no rarity by no symbol?

As for you question, you gave us way too little information to give you an answer. And you also should probably figure it out yourselves.

I expected better from someone who has been a member of this forum for over a year


Sounds like a great purchase. I believe any of those cards are definitely worth grading!

The series 5 vending are the bandai according to the research I did. I super expressed basic charizard, Blastoise and venusaur and got three 10. There are too many cards to post here but believe me I know mint. As we all know all collections eventually sell so I am thinking that way in that respect I got got my answer from you guys and I’m sending all the holos. I think the cards are too nice for binders…besides the holos I probably have 3000 mint common and uncommon.
To answer your question I didn’t know what to do with the cards before I got them because I had no idea they were so mint. Any ways, I always throw my questions out to you guys because your answers tho varied are always extremely in formative.
Thank you

The basic Japanese basic set cards don’t have the rarity symbol(got quite a few of those)
I am undecided weather those are worth grading.
Thank you for the observation.

Check Ebay sold and figure out what the cards are worth as 9’s and 10’s. Carefully evaluate your cards conditions, and consider your grading costs. If you are confused on the conditions, definitely upload some photos.

Once you have a good guess at the potential grades for your cards and what they are generally worth in those grades on eBay, make sure to send them to PSA in the correct value category. IMO, if they’re worth 1k+ might as well send them in 5-day express, rather than wait 9 months and get up-charged anyway.

It is very common for people to mistake common “no rarity” and the ones that are rare.

Post some pics up of what you have and people will have a much better idea. Without that, it’s really a guess.