Japanese Exclusive Card Prices (update on cards in question)

I am wondering how to price Japanese exclusive cards such as cards from VS, Movie Decks, Coro Coros, T-Promos…etc. I am looking for a place to get price guidance besides Ebay (because some of the cards don’t show up and I don’t know what I should be pricing them. I have quite a list actually and I’d rather not have to post it and have someone price it, but if that’s my best option then by goodness i’ll trust you guys on it.

Btw, it’s been a while. Happy to see things are still going here.

I am looking for a price on:
the 2002 J-Rally Pikachus and Lugia (sealed for Lugia).
Pokemon Green Folder (individual cards)
Slowpoke Line T-Promo
Murkrow T-Promo
Celebi T-Promo

For sure eBay is the easiest. If you can’t find the card then its probably too cheap to matter. If you have a very high end card then post it here and everyone can price it.

Yeah, I think most of mine were good timing (because they were listed in a forum) The only thing that would have been worked out was shipping in some cases, but that’s about it.

Well here’s to hoping :grin:

Also on the discussion I may as well get some cards priced

Morty’s Ninetales
May’s Torchic
Explosion Birth Lugia (All I see are bids, no BINs)
Blane’s Typhlosion
Annie’s Espeon
Neo Intro Chikorita
T-Promo Diglett and Dugtrio
Karen’s Flareon
Jasmine’s Jolteon
Lance’s Charizard (is 60 okay for Mint, what’s the normal price)

I think that’s the ones off the top of my head I’m not sure about.

Neo Intro Chikorita deck or card?

Neo Intro Chikorita (just the card)

Wow, Annie’s Espeon took a nose dive. I haven’t seen it under 30 bucks in ages (I may just hold on to the card)

Lance’s Charizard. The only cheap one I saw on ebay was 40 and that had edge wear and dirt. The Mint ones were 60-80 bucks. Is this still correct? (I’m double checking because I don’t want to undersell myself but I don’t want to overprice it either).

The Lugia I saw Final Sales go between 17-20 bucks so I went to 15 (I should have mentioned this EARLIER)(cause 10 was in the bid and it still had a day to go with several dollars shipping)

I’ll keep an eye out for the Neo Intro chikorita and any other price suggestions. I just feel some of those are very low (such as Annie’s espeon) but others seem to be in the ball park of what I’d expect.

Thanks a lot guys, it at least gives me a guideline.

LOL yeah, some of the listings are older, I do check with Professor Oak (sometimes he will have japanese cards) and every time the listing is sold out the price goes up (I got my vending moltress for $2.75. Let’s just say it doesn’t go for that anymore there. So if it’s an older listing I tend to try and see if the value is going up or down on it (usually popular pokemon it goes up like charizards, eevees, pikachu, dragons, less popular it goes down like Bug types, unown, and such).

Yeah I wasn’t going to go more than 60 for the Lance’s. that was the cheapest i saw it for.

Yeah I usually go for current listings (or very recent sold listings now that you’ve reminded me that i can do that) that are BINs because old listings don’t help lol.

Well here’s to hoping. I don’t have a seller account on Ebay so I’m on a FB group at the moment and then I’ll go from there.

So I kinda stopped reading, so sorry if this was already said. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I do when I can’t find a card on eBay is search the two main forums: here and PokeGym. I search the various parts of the card, going from specific to general. Ex. “Captain Pikachu Jumbo” → “Captain Pikachu” → “Pikachu Jumbo”

If I can’t find it on eBay or any forums, I check Bulbapedia. Bulbapedia usually has info on the release of the rarer cards. If this info says anything that may lead me to think the card is rare, and thus valuable, then I will post about it on here or the Gym. If it doesn’t, I just assume the card is not valuable.

2008 Captian Pirate Pikachu

It was just an example - I can find the card haha

Ahh VS and other Japanese exclusives

Morty’s Ninetales $5
May’s Torchic $15
Explosion Birth Lugia $10
Blane’s Typhlosion $5-10
Annie’s Espeon $30-60
Neo Intro Chikorita $1-5
T-Promo Diglett and Dugtrio $5-7 each
Karen’s Flareon $5-10
Jasmine’s Jolteon $7-15
Lance’s Charizard $40 is about what I’d value it at.

Some people will try and make the Neo Intro cards seem very rare but that isn’t the case.

They may not be very rare but they are a pain to find at times, especially a sealed intro set for a reasonable price lol.

But most of the prices above seem about right, charizard is one I dont think I would pay over $20 personally just because I don’t believe its that rare but most value it higher.

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How come the Neo Intro card is so low considering how much it would be to buy a box of it? Just curious.

I thought about that for Lance’s but I haven’t been seeing it go for lower than 60 in M-NM condition. The only 40 I saw had bends on the corners (on ebay).

Everything else makes sense tho. I already sold the may’s torchic to a friend and I think Lugia is well on it’s way out.

I guess while I have your attention good sir- what about any of the J-Rally cards sealed and unsealed?

J rally Festa Pikachu
J rally Festa Lugia

And the pokemon center pikachus? Anyone have a price on those?

Pokemon Center Pikachus - Which ones do you have?

Neo Intro Cards aren’t exactly desireable and if you are lucky you can find the whole deck cheap.

PFft I know right? I can’t find a Neo Intro deck for less than 100 (that’s how much we paid and that was discount) from a reputable seller on here. I found two on Amazon Japan for about 78 bucks. So I don’t know what you mean by cheap :slightly_frowning_face: cause I wish I could find another pack cheap…

As for the pokemon center… its the set of 5 I believe and the only one I don’t have is Fukokoda or something like that. I have the rest.I’m missing Fukoka

I got a Neo Intro Deck Sealed for $80 shipped

I said around 78, but my last one (a while back) was 100 unsealed and it was missing Abra…then we got another one for a little bit less, not by much tho I guess closer to 80…I think. We’ve had 2 of them but they weren’t so cheap as to sell the cards inside for super cheap. I mean i wouldn’t do them 15 a pop, hell no. I guess 5 isn’t all that unreasonable depending. I just know that finding the sets use to always be a hassle for me.