Error/Promo Card Prices Please

Hi! Okay so normally I am capable of looking up prices for cards and what not via completed listings on ebay, but for the following cards, the prices either aren’t there or are very varied, so that’s why I’m asking you guys!

Here’s what I’m looking at:

Great Rocket’s Mewtwo GB2 Promo ~ $35
Lugia GB2 Promo

Ghost/Phantom Pikachu ~ $100+
Base Set Blastoise “No Stage” Error ~ $80
Base Set Ninetales Error ~ $130
Wartortle Evolution Box Error ~ $120
Dark Persian No HP Error ~ $70-90
1st Edition Ivy Pikachu Error ~ $70-100
Dark Dragonite Team Rocket Non-Holo Error ~ $80

Thanks to anyone who can help out!

I sold one wartortle for $100. I know others have sold at that mark. I also sold 9 1st edition ivy pikachus for $75-100 each.

All Dark Dragonite have the energy misaligned.

The last non-holo one I saw sold for $80 and I’m still kicking myself for not getting it lol It must have changed hands like 5 times because it was up for auction for about a month straight and now I haven’t seen ANY in a very long time.

The last Blastoise I saw also sold for around $80. Also kicking myself for that one. :wink:

There was an excellent condition Ninetales that was listed for $130 not too long ago. Not sure if it sold.

I bought my Persain for $90, but I’ve seen them listed for as low as $65.

I bought my Pikachu for $80, but again, I’ve seen them listed for $65 and not sell.

I bought my Phantom Pikachu for $30 when no one knew what it was. :wink: And it looks like the ones that are selling are around the $100 range.

The prices listed thus far are good. The Ninetales sold at $130, that one I think was a nice snag for whoever got it. I sold my PSA 8 wartortle error for $130.00. The GB Promos don’t tend to sell for more than $15. And finally what a snag on that Ghost Pika Bluey! I haven’t seen one go below $100

Think the GB prices are a bit higher than $15. The GB Mewtwo has been selling on Ebay for $25 to $40…The GB Lugia had one go low a month ago for $10 but 2 others sold for $25 & $26

True, I was just remembering a few auctions a couple months ago that had gone low on the GB promos. I didn’t check completed listings. They always go lower at auction

Wow well I must be totally out of it. Maybe I wasn’t even thinking of the right card. Sorry to be misleading!

Edit: Also somehow totally got the Mewtwo confused with Dragonite :s. I always forget about the Mewtwo GB promo. Today really isn’t my day

I’m actually bidding on that item right now - that’s why I wanted to know the good price :stuck_out_tongue:

That card is classified as New, which for the seller is above Mint, so what do you think the top value for it is? If I win it (for the right price) I’m thinking about getting it graded because of its condition.

Hehe, I have that exact card for sale as well. :blush:
Mine is a bit higher but it’s a BIN/best offer instead of auction.

the seller has sold some very very rare and almost always near mint cards.i’ve brought from that person about 10+ times already never disappointed me with the condition of the cards at all.during the early days that GB mewtwo would not have gone that high but right now i would say do not go over the 35 mark

Yeah, she always has Japanese Gold Stars or other ultra rares up at auction.

So do you think I should go for it? I want to get it graded, so do you think the card would sell for a lot at a 9 or 10?

I don’t know how said card was distributed but if you’re looking for a PSA 9 and up then there are no guarantees even if sealed. Grades are deceptively hard to get on older cards so you’d have to have it in person to determine if grading is worth it. Perhaps wait for a sealed one to come up for a more sound investment.

If I got a sealed one, I’d want to keep it haha.

What do you think the value on a PSA 9 or 10 GB2 Mewtwo would be then?

Things like these are really hard to price because they don’t come up graded very often. Depends who would want to buy it.

If we estimate the price at $35 ungraded then perhaps $60 if a 9 and $90 if a 10. Again hard to say, these are just my best guesses.

i agree it will be kinda hard to get a good estimate value on something like that getting graded since we dont see these cards get graded at all.if right now ungraded is going for at least 40 i would guess myself a graded one either 9 goes for about 70-90 10 maybe higher who knows

There are only 2 sets of the GB Lugia & GB Mewtwo that have been PSA graded. I have a set that I sent to PSA a few years ago and both the Lugia and Mewtwo came back PSA 10’s…Mine are listed correctly under the year 2001 population report…Someone else sent in the pair and listed them incorrectly as 1998 promos…Their GB Mewtwo came back as a PSA 9 and the GB Lugia PSA 10…so total PSA population is - 1 GB Mewtwo PSA 10, 1 GB Mewtwo PSA 9 and 2 GB Lugia’s PSA 10’s…Mine aren’t for sale and unless the other person puts their cards up for sale, you won’t find any PSA Mewtwo & Lugia’s available…The only alternative is to send some you have/buy to PSA for grading…

Although your set isn’t for sale, what would you value them at?

I’d hold off on the pika ghost cards. I have a stack of them as I do all the rare errors. I’m just not convinced this cards value will hold up. The others will. Don’t hold me to it though…just an educated guess.

Oh, okay. Thanks for the advice.

Could you pm me with what error cards you have for trade/sale? I’m really interested since you have a stack of them :stuck_out_tongue: