WOTC black star promo sets

What is the max you would part with for a NM+ set (1-53??), I’m new to collecting but have set my heart on this set as well as a few other promo sets/WOTC sets, only problem is that I’m not too familiar with full set prices other than seeing BIN on ebay which I always find exaggerated to a point, any help appreciated.

Hi Woolsluk on ebay uk you wont find one for cheaper than £75 on auction,sometimes cheaper if its an auction ending at 2am or something.Is £75 a good price?Up to you to decide but it will take a long time to collect the full set separately and you wont save much if any money.Might be cheaper on ebay USA.If I wanted to buy the full set in NM+ I would not pay more than £75 and would probably opt for buying the set in single cards as thats what collcting is all about:-)

I am already attempting the bw promo set separately in NM+ and chasing a few single japanese promos on ebay atm, I want this as a full set in one go cos I added up the prices of all the singles I could find/checked a few that had sold and for just under half the set it’s looking like 55+ so I’m just not sure it’s wise for my pockets to chase the set separately ad the other half includes some of the more expensive cards too. I don’t have the most money going but I am keen to aquire if that makes sense.

I seen the set sold for $200usd

Most of the cards in the set are not really worth that much individually especially if they are only the standard 53. It seems there were a lot of them made so people usually are selling them low. in USD

1 Pikachu $1
2 Electabuzz $1
3 Mewtwo $1
4 Pikachu $1
5 Dragonite $1
6 Arcanine $1
7 Jigglypuff $1
8 Mew $1
9 Mew $2
10 Meowth $2
11 Eevee $1
12 Mewtwo $2
13 Venusaur $10-$15
14 Mewtwo $5
15 Cool Porygon $2
16 Computer Error $1
17 Dark Persian $3
18 Team Rocket’s Meowth $1
19 Sabrina’s Abra $2
20 Psyduck $1
21 Moltres $2
22 Articuno $2
23 Zapdos $2
24 _____'s Pikachu $10-$15
25 Flying Pikachu $5
26 Pikachu $2
27 Pikachu $2
28 Surfing Pikachu $3
29 Marill $1
30 Togepi C $1
31 Cleffa $1
32 Smeargle $3
33 Scizor $2
34 Entei $2
35 Pichu $3
36 Igglybuff $1
37 Hitmontop $2
38 Unown J $2
39 Misdreavus Psychic $2
40 Pokémon Center $10-$15
41 Lucky Stadium T $10-$15
42 Pokémon Tower$2
43 Machamp$2
44 Magmar $3
45 Scyther $2
46 Electabuzz $2
47 Mew $5-$10
48 Articuno $2
49 Snorlax $2
50 Celebi $2
51 Rapidash $5
52 Ho-Oh $5
53 Suicune $4

The total is about $166 individually and those are all kind of high estimates as you can get deals on these cards since there was so many of most of them made. I would say the best bet to collection these is to buy small lots as that is right in the middle of price per card value. People tend to over charge for complete sets but there are often lots of little groups of these being sold where you can get your collection complete. Now if you are trying to collect some of the variants it will almost double the price.

Mewtwo JR Rally $50
Eevee JR Rally $50
Meowth JR Rally $60-$70
Grey Star Pikachu $35-50
Grey Star Jigglypuff $35-50
Ho-Oh and Rapidash variant $15

Now if any of the errors are included that is easily much much more than the current price.
3 inverted stamps $$$a lot
persian no hp $200 maybe
3 legendary birds are pretty cheap actually

Don’t spend over 50.00 on a nm set. No investment value.
If you can find a truly MINT set then 200.00 is reasonable.


Hmm I think I am going to just collect it separately now, with the variants and eventually the errors, I was just panicking to grab the set but I guess that’s not collecting!

The collecting is the biggest part. Go for something rare, but also with easy and hard to get cards. I’d suggest to pick your fav pokemon.