Wizards of the Coast Black Star Promos

Hey guys, I’m new to serious collecting so my first milestone is to obtain all of the WotC Black Star Promos. I am also interested in Best, Best-Winner, Jumbos, and W stamped promos, but they won’t be listed as I need all of them. If it’s not listed below, I don’t need it. I’m willing to buy (though my money is low, as I am only 16, so please give me time to see if I can obtain the dough. :wink:) or trade. I have a few old cards, and tons of new stuff. Just let me know what you need. There’s also some of my merch wants at the end of this list. Thanks!

  1. Electabuzz (Movie)
  2. Mewtwo (Movie)
  3. Pikachu (Movie)
  4. Dragonite (Movie)
  5. Arcanine
  6. Jigglypuff
  7. Mew
  8. Mew Holo
  9. Mewtwo
  10. Venusaur
  11. Mewtwo
  12. Cool Porygon
  13. Comp. Error
  14. Dark Persian (HP error too! :wink:)
  15. Team Rocket’s Meowth
  16. Psyduck
  17. Articuno
  18. ______'s (birthday) Pikachu
  19. Flying Pikachu
  20. Pikachu
  21. Pikachu
  22. Surfing Pikachu
  23. Marril
  24. Togepi
  25. Clefa
  26. Smeargle
  27. Scizor
  28. Entei
  29. Pichu
  30. Igglybuff
  31. Hitmontop
  32. Unown J
  33. Misdrevous
  34. Pokemon Center
  35. Lucky Stadium
  36. Pokemon Tower
  37. Machamp
  38. Magmar
  39. Scyther
  40. Electabuzz
  41. Mew
  42. Articuno
  43. Snorlax
  44. Celebi
  45. Rapidash ( Both Reg. and PC versions)
  46. Ho-oh (Both Reg. and PC versions)
  47. Suicune
    Ancient Mew

Merch/Pack Wants

Unleashed Booster Box
Undaunted Booster Box
HGSS Booster Box
Base Unlimited Booster Box
Gym Challenge Booster Box (1st Ed. or Unlmtd, it doesn’t matter)
Any merch; Sleeves, Deckboxes, Coins, Playmats, Carrying cases, plushies, etc. etc.


I’m new and collecting Black Stars too. Here’s a good place to start


i got a few of the promos for trade what are ya willing to trade for them?

I have 11 of them for sale (all of them absolute mint). The ones that I have are,

11 eevee holo
12 Mewtwo (rarest one)
16 computer error
18 team rockets mewoth
28 surfing pikachu
31 cleffa
32 smeargle
33 scizor
35 pichu reverse holo
36 igglypuff
37 hitmontop

let me know if you are interested and we can work out a price.

Legendarylugia- What do you need?

Scott- How much with shipping for all but Eevee #11?

what do u have to offer?

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$25 and that is with shipping included!

LL- Too much to list, any specifics?

Scott - Let me get back to you.

lookin for a few gold stars and maybe some of the newer stuff from undaunted

Just traded away my last Gold Star and havnt gotten a chance to buy any UD. Anything else?

Bump!!! Still taking offers on these!

Scott: I’d still need to check to see if I could do it, but would you accept $20 shipped?

$22 is the lowest I could go shipped. (it costs about $2 to ship first class so it is 20+2).

Also I saw you posted about the finalist 2010 Tropical Tidal wave card, is that one out of your range? It is the most difficult to find out of the waves which makes it the most expensive.

Well something came up about a car so I cannot spend that much on the TTW, though I might be able to do these. lemme get back to you in a day or two, 22 sounds good.

Ok sounds good, and I will have the finalist for awhile probably so no worries!