Hi everyone!

I’m Sammy and this is my trade/buy thread. I will be buying cards periodically. It really all depends on how my selling goes since I buy according to how much money is in my PayPal. :wink:

* PayPal only. Not comfortable with Concealed Cash etc.
* I will NOT gift PayPal money unless we have done multiple transactions and I feel that you can be trusted as a seller. It’s for my security. If you’re not comfortable with that, then please don’t offer. :wink:
* I live in the USA and I prefer to buy locally due to shipping costs. However, if you have something I really need or is hard to find, please offer anyway (especially stuff released outside of the US!!)! :blush:
* I will do trades!
* Please only offer cards in NM/M condition. I do not want any bends, creases, rips etc. I need old WOTC cards to be MINT.

Acceptable Condition of WOTC Cards:
** Please examine your cards carefully before making offers. **

Holographic Cards -
Please use bright light when examining foil cards.

The intended foil part of the card needs to be as close to scratch free as possible. If you hold a card under bright light and tilt it at different angles, you should not be able to see scratches on the foil. If you see scratches that look like “spider webs” or “shattered glass”, I DO NOT WANT THE CARD.

I can accept a couple very very light scratches that may have happened by slipping the card into or out of a sleeve once or twice. I also accept PERFECTLY straight scratches as I know these were done at the factory.

Check the rest of the front of the card VERY carefully. Please make sure there are no silver scratches, spots or ANY foil showing through the ink. There are certain cards where I’ll accept foil showing along the front edges because they were cut like that.

General Cards -
Please check the gloss of a card on the front and back. If the card looks dull and has scuffs or scratches on the surface, it is not mint.

When checking the back edges for whiting/edge wear, please place the card over a very dark/black surface. You will easily see any edge wear on the card. A couple tiny nicks are fine, but I do not want long lines of wear or white corners. Corners must be crisp and well kept.

Check the cards under bright light for hidden creases. Sometimes creases can only be seen from one side or are incredibly hard to see. PLEASE CHECK CAREFULLY.

** Cards need to look pack fresh. **

If I feel the need, I’ll make a counter offer. I prefer to not make the first price offer. :blush:

Text Color Legend:
TEXT - Actively searching for card
TEXT - Need card, not actively searching. Might be interested depending on price.
TEXT - Card paid for, awaiting arrival.
TEXT - Card being negotiated, potential addition.

Now onto the WANTS:

001. Alakazam (H)
003. Chansey (H)
004. Charizard (H)
005. Clefairy (H)
007. Hitmonchan (H)
008. Machamp (H)
009. Magneton (H)
010. Mewtwo (H)
012. Ninetales (H) [Missing “80” Damage Error]
013. Poliwrath (H)

016. Zapdos (H)
017. Beedrill (R)
020. Electabuzz (R)
024. Charmeleon (U)
058. Pikachu (C) [Red Cheeks]
071. Computer Search (R)
073. Impostor Professor Oak (R)
075. Lass (R)
076. Pokemon Breeder (R)
077. Pokemon Trader (R)
096. Double Colorless Energy (U)

Team Rocket - 1ST EDITION:
5/82 Dark Dragonite [error; non-holo version]

Team Rocket - UNLIMITED:
5/82 Dark Dragonite [error; non-holo version]

Neo Genesis - 1ST EDITION:
4/111 Feraligatr (H)
7/111 Jumpluff (H)
8/111 Kingdra (H)
9/111 Lugia (H)
10/111 Meganium (H)
11/111 Meganium (H)
17/111 Typhlosion (H)
18/111 Typhlosion (H)
19/111 Metal Energy (H)
21/111 Donphan (R)
23/111 Magby (R)
86/111 Focus Band (R)
90/111 Time Capsule (R)
98/111 Super Scoop Up (U)
104/111 Darkness Energy (R)

Nintendo Black Star Promos:
026. Tropical Wind [Unstamped; Magazine Release?]
026. Tropical Wind [STAFF Stamped; 2004 World Championships]
027. Tropical Tidal Wave [STAFF Stamped; 2005 World Championships]
028. Championship Arena [w/booklet]
035. Pikachu [Non-Holo; Pokemon Official Magazine 4/2006; Sweden]
036. Tropical Tidal Wave [STAFF Stamped; 2006 World Championships]

DP Black Star Promos:
DP01 Turtwig
DP02 Chimchar
DP03 Piplup
DP04 Pachirisu
DP05 Tropical Wind 2007 STAFF
DP06 Buneary
DP15 Shinx
DP15 Shinx (error; upside-down PokeBall on back)
DP16 Pikachu
DP16 Pikachu (Snowflake Stamped)
DP20 Magmortar
DP24 Darkrai
DP25 Tropical Wind 2008 STAFF
DP26 Dialga
DP27 Palkia
DP28 Mewtwo LV. X
DP29 Rhyperior LV. X
DP30 Regigigas LV. X
DP31 Heatran LV. X
DP32 Magnezone
DP33 Dusknoir
DP34 Drifblim
DP35 Porygon-Z
DP36 Gliscor
DP37 Dialga LV. X
DP38 Giratina
DP45 Charizard LV. X
DP48 Tropical Wind 2009 STAFF
DP49 Dialga

HGSS Black Star Promos:
HGSS18 Tropical Tidal Wave STAFF

HGSS Promos:
104/123 Rainbow Energy (Player Rewards)

HGSS Unleashed:
43/95 Aipom (STAFF SDCC Promo)

BW Black Star Promos:
BW28 Tropical Beach [STAFF 2011 World Championships]
BW50 Tropical Beach [STAFF 2012 World Championships]

XY: Base Set Promos:
83/146 Honedge [STAFF Stamped; Regional Championships Promo; 2014-2015]

XY: Furious Fists Promos:
Combusken Regular + STAFF

XY Black Star Promos:
XY27 Champions Festival STAFF
XY39 -
XY40 -
XY41 Kyogre EX
XY42 Groudon EX

**Jumbo Cards:**Zorua & Celebi
Palkia & Dialga LEGEND