Sam's Wants

I have:

WOTC Promo
Grey star pikachu-non graded
Grey stat jigglypuff -non graded

Here are the pictures:

I can do both for $75 shipped thru paypal

Jigglypuff is in NM/Mint Condition.
Pikachu is in NM Condition. There are small air bubbles from the gloss of the card.

Hmm. I’m thinking about it. I seen this auction but I really couldn’t tell if the bubble and the slight edge wear spoiled it.

you can always pick up the jigglypuff if you don’t want the pikachu

Okay $35?

$37 shipped with tracking if you live in the US.

Does anyone know a good way to get the XY vivillon variants in the XY series? I am in the US. They are never on eBay and I dont really know if there are other places that sell singles. I’ve looked just no luck really. I’m shooting for RH and holo if they are part of the set. Thanks for any direction!

I have found XY Vivi’s selling from $30-100 each on ebay. I want all the non-English ones also. So thinking to get 1 for $10 is sort of kidding yourself.

See here:

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Russian Vivillons end $30-70 on eBay.
Italian is just crazy to find. Pay whatever it comes up for.

The others I don’t believe you’re too far off on. Maybe a touch behind on German, but Portuguese is not very rare, nor is Japanese or English.

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Wow. These cards are actually really cool. I might have to track down a set.

Crap… I had seen one of the Russian ones go for 15 yesterday. I guess I just figured the high priced $70 ones were just people trying to take advantage of people not knowing where to buy foreign cards like me. It seems ridiculous to pay that much for a current gen card… Of a vivillon no less. I was just hoping for a better way than eBay to locate them I guess. Are there really just that few, say, Italian ones made, or is it just not popular in Italy so only few sellers? It is strange. I’d rather just buy a booster box in ever language than pay 80 for one card.

The Russian used to go for closer to 100. They’ve come down to that range.

Italian just got cleaned out early.

Good Point. Just out of curiosity though, is it possible to buy the booster boxes from a different source than eBay outside of each of the countries?

Thanks, I have only ever bought English so I really have zero idea of what else is out there.

Hey everyone. I am trying to complete the 3rd print fossil. I know there are a few of you out there that have some extras gathering dust. I just need to finish up the rares. I am offering $30 a rare which will hopefully be enough to flush some out. Thanks for any help!

Hey everyone, I am after completing my English city/state/nats/regional championship collection I need 30 cards so I thought I would post here and see if anyone had any they no longer desired and would like to sell. I included the prices that I thought were fair but if you disagree just let me know and we can work something out. Minty Mint, or NM/MT. Thanks!

Do you have 1999-2000 Fossil Uncommon/Common extras? I would be interested in buying mint copies. Thanks!

I have some. I sold Sam his.
Feel free to inbox me about them.

i have an extra common set

Cards are NM to Mint Condition unless otherwise stated

I have:
Shinx STAFF $5
Luxray STAFF$10 (PL condition)
Dratini STAFF$4 (EX condition)
Gible STAFF$3
Gabite STAFF$4
Poliwag STAFF$8
Poliwhilrl STAFF$12 (PL condition)
Politoed STAFF$15
Karrablast STAFF$6
Accelgor STAFF$8
Vaporeon STAFF$15 (Purple variant)

Are you looking for Prerelease staff as well? Also, if you’re interested in the Grey star pikachu, let me know as well. PM me

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I have:

Base Scoop Up 1999-2000 NM