WTB: WOTC Black Star Promos

Hey guys, it’s been over a year since I’ve been a true part of the Pokemon community. I had a ton of personal stuff come up, with me selling cards, buying them back, selling them again, quitting collecting for a bit to get my crap together, etc. Long story short, I have everything settled now and want to try and rebuild my collection. I am looking for any and all WotC Black Star Promos (and other Wizards promos like W-Stamp, Best, etc.). I’m only interested in Mint condition cards. Thanks, I hope to get involved in my favorite past time once again :blush:

Hello! I have these cards available. :blush: I can provide pictures. LMK if you’re interested in any!

WOTC Black Star Promos:
2. Electabuzz (NM, very slight edge wear)
3. Mewtwo (NM+, very slight edge wear on top right corner)
5. Dragonite (NM/M, fresh from package)
6. Arcanine (NM+, slight edge wear on left edge)
7. Jigglypuff (NM/M, fresh from package)
8. Mew (NM+, very slight edge wear)
10. Meowth (NM/M, package fresh)
11. Eevee (NM+, some foil scratches)
14. Mewtwo (NM+, some light scratches on very close inspection)
15. Cool Porygon (NM/M, fresh from package)
16. Computer Error (NM, edge wear on top left corner)
21. Moltres (US Error Version) (NM/M, fresh from package)
33. Scizor (NM, light edge wear)
46. Electabuzz (NM, edge wear mostly along top)
53. Suicune (NM, light edge wear)
x2 UK Legendary Birds Insert Cards (NM/M)
x3 UK Catch Mew Insert Cards (NM/M)

WOTC Best of Game Promos:
4. Rockets Scizor WINNER (NM+, slight edge wear on corners)
5. Rocket’s Sneasel WINNER (NM/M, fresh from package)
6. Dark Ivysaur (NM/M, fresh from package)

I’ve got alot of the WOTC Blackstar promos and W stamped cards you’re looking for. All cards are mint…pm’d you a list…