WTB: WOTC Promos to Finish My Set!

I’m looking for these cards in MINT condition to complete my WOTC collection. English please! =]

I have listed some prices next to some cards – I’ve found these cards for this price (including shipping) so I’d like to either stay there or get a better deal! =]

I am in Michigan, USA.

#13 Venusaur ($10.20)
#15 (SEALED) Cool Porygon
#17 (ERROR) Dark Persian ($105.00)
#29 (SEALED) Marrill
#38 (SEALED) Unown J
#49 Snorlax ($3.00)
#51 Rapidash
#52 Ho-Oh
#52 Ho-Oh (STAMPED)
#53 Suicune
Ancient Mew (NOT sealed)
E3 Pikachu (Red $ Yellow Cheeks)
PokeTour Pikachu