For Trade: Some Vending Series Cards

I don’t know too much about these cards except that they are glossy vending series japanese cards from series 1,2, and 3. There are 25 total plus the two banned cards. I would say 22 of the 25 are Near Mint condition (or better) and the other 3 being played or better. I took a photo of the back of one the cards randomly, you can see some white specs of edge-wear. I can take individual photos of each card upon request (:

I collect WOTC sets. There are a decent amount of rare/uncommon/commons I need from the first 12 sets base-neo destiny unlimited. I also want to collect every base set card in every language, so im open to any offers from 1999-2000 4th print run cards- dutch cards, etc. (:

Hi ive got some Portuguese base set cards.I have about 40 common /uncommon and about 5 rare most are near mint I am sure.I also have most of the common and uncommon cards fron english base set to team rocket and some gym/neo com/uncomm(I have about 50 non holo rares from base to neo most in near mint.PM me if you are interested and I can see what cards I have that you need cheers.

Hey I hope I can trade you for 4 of those cards.

Binx wants

I have the following:
shadowless diglett Not mint
arcanine U- Japanese, english, eng base 2
electabuzz- base 2- R near mint

Rare scyther
R Electrode

R raichu
U seadra
C horsea
H Aerodactyl Japanese nonmint

Japanese Vending set
machoke (no other pokemon in picture)
Extra rule 1 boy 1 girl No 1 nonmint

Gym Leaders
H Brocks Ninetales Japanese nonmint
R Victreebell Japanese

Neo 1 Genesis
R Cleffa Japanese

Neo 2 Discovery
H Heracross Japanese

Neo 4 Destiny
R dark slowking
Rare dark magcargo