WTB: No Rarity Symbol Japanese Base Cards (1st Ed)

Hey guys, I’ve been assembling a set of No-Rarity Symbol Japanese Base Set cards for quite some time. This is painstaking and frustrating to do, and I’m sure I’m not the only one with eyes on this set. I have most of the set now, but I need to fill some gaps. If anyone has any of these cards (or knows an auction or someone who does!) then please let me know. I have PLENTY of beautiful Japanese cards and promos to offer, as well as money. Thanks in advance :blush: Hope you keep this thread in mind if you stumble upon the odd no-rarity Base card on Yahoo Japan!

I am missing:

  • Chansey (holo)
  • Zapdos (holo)
  • Beedrill (rare)
  • Electabuzz (rare)
  • Super Energy Removal (rare)
  • Pokemon Trader (rare)
  • Itemfinder (rare)

Extras (in case someone else is working at this set:

  • Pikachu (common)
  • Doduo (common)
  • Magnemite (common)
  • Koffing (common)

Thank you :blush:

What do you value the commons at?

I know we’ve been in contact about these before, and I’ve been actively looking for not only the cards you are missing, but the ones I need to build an additional set. Unfortunately, as you note, these cards are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

I’ll continue to look for both of us!

Thank you Glenn,

Daelum, I think it’s a situation where the value is in the eye of the beholder perhaps.