Searching For Japanese 1st Ed/No Rarity Base

Hi guys, just as the title says I’m looking for many of the Japanese No Rarity/1st Edition Base Cards to finish off my set. I have doubles of many of the commons like Pikachu, Charmander, etc., if someone is looking for a trade as well.

I need all holos except for Raichu, Poliwrath and Venusaur. I would like holos to be in good or better condition - I can live with scratches but I’m not really into creased cards unless the price is very attractive.

Also looking for all rares except for Dragonair. Excellent or better preferred.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve got Chansey Zapdos and Mewtwo I think (all holo).

I’ll get pics up soon

EDIT: Pics

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those arnt the no rarity version

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PM sent.

didn’t get anything :sweat:

I seem to have got the PM instead

Thanks, what are they? My knowledge of the japanese cards isn’t great.

theyre the standard japanese base set