Japanese Base Charizard — No Rarity Symbol

I have a complete set (and some duplicates) of the Japanese Base Set whose cards do not have rarity symbols. Most are in VG-EX condition, None of them are mint.

I’m wondering how much these cards (in general) might be worth. And, specifically, how much a VG-EX Charizard might be worth.


We’ve attempted to discuss this before on Pokegym but it’s a tough subject. No one knows anything about them ( most don’t even know of them for that matter), few have any interest in them, and basically none have sold in the past so we don’t have completed listings to go to for them.

I wish people cared more about them, I think they’re really cool.

I do have a complete mint set of these but only one. I’ve only seen one other mint set about 6/7 years ago and I lost the bid at 400.00. I’m not sure what it ended up selling for cause I didn’t pay attention after I lost.
If you find out a price on your non mint set let me know cause it’ll give me a better idea of my sets value.

I have about 85% of a set but they’ve all come from Japan. They’re basically unknown over here.

A complete mint set is something I’ve never seen before. Amazing! Most of the cards I have were game-played. When they were released, nobody was thinking about collecting.

In fact, even as Pokemon fever was raging in the States, Japanese kids seldom collected the cards for the sake of collecting. I wrote a story about this many years ago for the Pojo Pokemon magazine. It talked about how base Charizards could be purchased for about 25 cents apiece (or something like that — I can’t quite remember now).

Those were the days!

This is something I hadn’t even heard of until last week lol, could someone post a few pictures of the holos?

Price wise though, have any single cards sold instead of a complete set?