Baset Set: Charizard vs Other Holos

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Just had an inquiry was hoping some of you had the answer for, with regards to base set I’ve noticed Charizard skyrocket even in 9(1st ed base) over the last few years, and has crossed the 1500$ threshold. While other cards such as Venusaur even in 10, only sell at 5-600 at auction even though they are rarer, and in better condition, as well as being one of the kanto starters as well (Gem Mt 10). I know charizard brings a heck load of nostalgia, but still from a collecting standpoint it is quite baffling. You guys ever think those 10s will appreciate, or is it time to buy as many zards as possible?

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If we knew the answer to that we’d make a fortune;)

Rarity is one of many parts as to why a card is valuable.

Charizard is that much more valuable than the other 1st Edition Holos because of:

It’s Charizard
The card being the most powerful card in Base Set
It’s Charizard

It was probably the most collected Pokemon card ever, but you also have to think that because it was the most collected it also had the most copies damaged and/or ruined because of that popularity. So calling something like Venusaur rarer probably isn’t all that true.

As for future value growth, only the shadow knows…


I think he met more rarer in terms of PSA 10’s of Venusaurs and Blastoises being graded vs # of 9’s of Charizards, and even though less 10’s of those two have been graded than 9’s of charz. the charz. still sells higher.

This has to do with these reasons:


It’s Charizard


The card being the most powerful card in Base Set

It’s Charizard"

I feel as though people will eventually come to their senses tho, gotta start pricing the rarer cards higher. Just simple supply and demand really, the longer the gaps between auctions of these cards the higher they’ll sell for imo. Very plausible given the low pops for some of the holos

It’s possible the cards could be priced at their peak already. With more people getting into grading this will only mean more 10’s will eventually hit the market = lower value. Since these cards have been out of print for almost two decades there will also be a point where just about all the Mint cards have been graded which will probably cause the value to increase again.

The key is, how many people will be interested at the time of the peak, whenever it may peak.

It’s all about timing.

Because as kids, it was the rarest.

We all have that same kid in us somewhere.

Peak is probably around this time, when people like me who collected as kids are now working full time and can afford such things. I think this will drop off in the next couple of years as my generation gets married and have kids and stop messing around with Pokemon cards!

Not necessarily. Even older married people with kids are active collectors;)

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Well, it would be nice to be part of a low even if it isnt comparable to before.

Then there’s no hope for me kicking the habit after all!

Also explains why one in a foreign language like German or French wouldn’t sell for as much as an English one, even when PSA-graded.