JPN Base Set: Rarity Symbol v. No Symbol

I’ve been wondering this for a while:
Let’s say I have a Japanese Base Set Charizard with a rarity symbol and without a rarity symbol. Which is rarer? Which is worth more?

The one without a symbol is significantly rarer.

Why is it significantly rare? Thanks.

It would be one of the first cards ever produced. The initial and possibly first few runs of base set cards in Japanese were printed without rarity symbols making them in a way first edition cards or first run cards however you chose to look at it

So, continuing with my example, what would be the price for a Charizard with no rarity symbol?

No way to price it really. They are very unknown and none have sold that we know of. There’s one on eBay with a huge BIN OBO.

I really like those cards, I think that in a couple years they’ll be in more demand as people become more aware of their existence.

I can’t fully tell, but does the Raichu in this listing have a rarity symbol?