Wizards Black Star Promos wanted

I was looking to complete a set. I don’t have any of them so I would trade for any.
thank you

Hey i have these black star promos,

11 eevee holo
12 Mewtwo (rarest one)
16 computer error
18 team rockets mewoth
28 surfing pikachu
31 cleffa
32 smeargle
33 scizor
35 pichu reverse holo
36 igglypuff
37 hitmontop

I am looking to sell, if you want you can pm me with an offer.

I have these that Scott didn’t list:

25 Flying Pikachu
26 Pikachu
39 Misdreavous
34 Entei (but it has surface scratches that RHs are notorious for getting)

and Scott, what do you mean by Mewtwo being the rarest one? rarest of the lot you have?

I am corently trading for them right now so I dont relly need them. do you have any more that scot did list because we could’nt work out a deal

Surfing Pikachu for sure. I’ll dig around because I may have the Cleffa and the Computer Error as well others I overlooked.

What I’m looking for are reverse holo Seeker, Twins, and Rescue Energy from Triumphant.

Yes it is the rarest of the lot, definitely not out of all of them