White Rabbit's Collection

Sorry, I am having some trouble uploading pics. I started collecting early last year. I stuck to a strict 250.00 a month budget. I did, however, flip and trade cards to earn some extra cash. I am a tiny fish compared to Scott, Gary and the majority of the other posters on this forum.

P.S. Does anyone know how to post pics to your thread?


A lot of us here are small fish compared to Sean and Gary. No matter how small or new your collection is, feel free to share it. I’m already jealous of the fact that you can stick to your preset monthly budget. I always cave when I see the next card I “simply must have” and tend to go over budget a lot. Looking forward to seeing some pictures and enjoy your future collecting efforts!


Thanks Melchior, Do you know how to post pics to the forum?



This is an insanely impressive collection to get within a year on such a tight budget even with trading and flipping. For grading you should prioritize grading those 1st Edition Base cards as they will pay for themselves and then some. Keep it up!



Thanks, it was a ton of work, but worth it!

“tiny fish” get outta here that’s a fantastic collection, haha


Thanks, but when I watch Scott’s videos I feel small. That’s what happens when your late to the game.

Every boulder looks small compared to Everest. You honestly have a fantastic collection and just because someone has a better one doesn’t invalidate yours. What impresses me most about other’s collections is how unique or creative they are in what they collect or how much they can amass on a restricted budget. The fact you put this together in a year at $250 a month is pretty amazing.


I officially decree it’s illegal to say you have a small collection when you’ve got an insanely beautiful and expensive collection.

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Very nice dude :slightly_smiling_face:

Id recommend gets those cards graded tho

Glad someone else also appreciates a lot of the Japanese cards :blush:

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Awesome collection! Great work.

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What I want to know is where did you get your username. The only time I’ve heard of that is from a song when I was a teenager and a very old children’s book.

Nice collection btw. Well done:)

As others have said dont see anything small about this. Blows mine outta the water. Im on efour as i find the hobby really interesting not because im an active high end buyer.your collection is inspiring. Keep it up!


@whiterabbit, Are sharks considered small fish where you are from? :wink: Nice collection!


Thanks, it was a ton of work. I started last year with zero cards. My buddy challenged me to see who could come up with the best collection by the end of the year. The rules were we could only spend 250.00 a month of our own cash, but flipping cards was legal. I literally spent the majority of my off time on my phone looking for deals on Ebay, Craigslist, Letgo… you name it I was on it. I looked at my total sales on Ebay, which was just selling Pokemon cards, and my net for sales was nearly 5k. I watched your videos for tips on what to buy, and that helped a ton. I’ve heard a ton of people complain that the hobby is too expensive. I’m proof that if you put in the effort you can walk away with a pretty good collection in the space of a year. Oh, and I lost the challenge. My buddy ended up with a PSA 9 Base 1st edition Charizard and a PSA 10 Skyridge English Zard. So, maybe he’s the one to look towards for the example.

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