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Really excited to start this thread! I mostly collect WOTC cards, and some PSA cards. Not really aiming for a specific set/goal at this time - just collecting based off personal preference.

Picked these up a few days ago. Two beautiful cards of my favorite pokemon, in mint condition. Hope you enjoy! :blush:


Nice :blush: Love the crystal cards

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Two of my favorite cards! Congrats! Keep this going :blush:

Well everyone, I planned on making an update today with a card I was very excited to finally own, but unfortunately that won’t be happening.

I bought a shadowless charizard PSA 7, as well as a shadowless blastoise and venasaur both PSA 6 for 200 dollars on ebay. Thought it was a great deal and snatched it up. I figured I could sell the blastoise and venusaur and get a bit of money back, since I only needed charizard for my collection.

However, to my disappointment, the seller sent unlimited and ungraded cards. I’m in the process of returning, so hopefully I will have another update soon with an actual shadowless charizard! I just can’t seem to have any luck with that card!

Just got this beauty in the mail:

I’m so happy to finally own this card after all the struggle! And with that, my shadowless base set is complete! This PSA 8 looks so good, I’m considering re-grading. What do you guys think?


Truly a beauty of a card. That white knick might keep it at an 8 though :confused:

The one in the upper right? I believe that’s just the case from what I observed!
However I do think the light wear it has will make it tough, but possible, to get a 9.

The one on the back of the card, upper left. It has a chance at a 9 but that knick just stands out. Good luck if you are trying for a review :blush:

Is the “315” an area code by chance? Nice cards!

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Nope, it’s actually my birthday (March 15). And thanks!

Looks amazing, nice work ^^ great cards :blush:

Quick update!

Here are my pickups for the week. Nothing major, but still awesome cards that will look great in the collection.

First - a shadowless yellow cheeks Pikachu in PSA 10. Wanted this card because I previously owned the red cheeks “error” as part of my binder collection but not this version. Figured I would pick it up in Gem 10 since it’s such a cool and iconic card and the price was quite fair.

Second - A Blastoise Holo from Expedition. Nothing special about this one other than the fact that I really love the artwork here, and I ended up picking up this card for under $15 in Near Mint or better condition. Couldn’t pass it up!

I also have a few Ho-oh cards coming very soon…can’t wait to show everyone!


Got a couple cards in the mail this week. Love both artworks, and glad to add these to my Ho-oh collection!


As a fellow Ho-oh lover, how sick would an old-back Japanese holo promo with the Sugimori artwork from Pokémon Gold have been?!?


Masago artwork is bae.

One final update before I go back to college for the year.

Picked up 2 out of 3 of the shadowless starters in PSA 9. Thanks @zap2 for the Charizard! I have Blastoise on the way, but I just wanted to make this quick update before I head back to school. Goals for the next few months are going to be (slowly) finishing my NM-Mint ungraded 1st edition base set, as well as a few smaller wants. Thanks everyone for viewing!


Your welcome man! Great picks for the collection.

Extremely small update. Picked up a few 1st edition base nonholo cards to further my NM/Mint set. That as well as the rest of the shadowless holos in PSA 9 will be my goals for the next few months! Hope you enjoy!


Well, it’s been quite a while…
People like to trash on Gym Heroes, but this Rocket’s Moltres artwork is sooo good. Simple but beautiful. Also featured - Staff promo (one of my only “modern cards,” but great art as well!)


@scott315 First time seeing your thread. Amazing pick ups! Great taste as well :slight_smile: