What do you wish you never sold?

In the winter of 2019 I had just got accepted for a semester abroad in Denmark.
I decided to list my raw 1st edition Charizard and use the money from that sale to fun some traveling while in Europe!
I sold my zard for 1500 CAD in December which was a great price since it was ungraded with a large crease.

I was happy with the sale and looked forward to using the money to travel a bit!

And then well… Covid happened. I was only in Denmark for about a month until my school forced me to come back to Canada.

By the time I had come back there was already a slight boom in the tcg market. A similar condition zard at that time would cost about 2500.

I never was able to use the money to travel in Europe and I was 1st Ed charizardless right at the beginning of the mania.

I was never unhappy with the sale but rather the circumstances that followed.