What do you think of the japanese brock and misty boxes?

Just seeing how people feel about these new brock and misty boxes. I for one think they are a home run, though personally would love to have some packs in them but oh well they will certainly make a good addition to the ole sealed collection. Do you think they will release some more gym leaders or just a one time thing with brock and misty?


I really like this wink to the 1998 releases of the Nivi City and Hanada City Gym Standard Decks. It also nicely shows the revamp both of these trainers got over the years. I personally feel they’re testing the waters first with these 2 and I hope they will release 3 more sets of 2 Gym leaders each should they deem it a successful release.


Exactly what I was thinking. Can you imagine 8 different boxes lined up with either the ‘badge-side’ or ‘full-art-top’ side by side? I bet it will display very well!

Also, great looking coins!


I really like them! I love the holos they have. I really hope they release the rest of the gym leaders from the first generation. All together must look incredible!

A product to buy in the future!


I have both them coming on. Because … I cannot resist Misty :grin:


My thoughts exactly! Can’t wait for these to arrive. They scream displayablity with the badge- and full-art trainer sides as you mentioned. Amazing product.

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What’s your opinion on the pricing? $55 seemed a bit steep to me at first but I do really like the art and the nostalgic feel.

What is interesting to me is that these new decks seem to be selling at the same price, if not more than the original decks they are based on. I’ve had the original Japanese misty and Brock decks for sale for a while for about the same price as these new ones with little to no interest .

With that being said I think the new ones are really cool

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They cost ¥ 3800. I bought both Brock and Misty for $99 incl. shipping. Seems fair deal :grin:

Which site did you use or just plain ole eBay?

They will almost surely release the other trainers. I saw advertisement displays of the other trainers in photos taken in Japan.
The art is great but I’m not really feeling the goods inside. It’s definitely more for the tcg player by the looks of it. I think it would be super sick if a select amount of boxes contained a special trainer or Pokemon card that had little playability but really desirable art for the collector.
The point about the original decks costing the same amount today still is interesting. I don’t know about the original release but maybe that’s because of the quantity produced? This one is a Pokemon Center exclusive from what I understand. In the end I think it’s neat but it’s no Mario Pikachu.


Kind off an odd story. Seller had them for sale for $99.50 and I contacted about shipment from Japan to the Netherlands. When I wanted to make my purchase he bumped the price to $129.90, but since I contacted him before his price increase he let them go for the original listing price. I doubt there was any profit left for him on the item. I am ready for my import fee slapped on it, but think I couldn’t get it cheaper :grin:

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I had similar thoughts. Even so, I bought a set.

Sadly, I did not know about these, I love this nostalgia!! Thanks for posting these, I do not normally do sealed but I like the artwork!

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Good thing there is still honor among sales people, haha.

Their price is a shame considering the contents of each box. I would love to have them sealed, but $80 (CAD) each is too much.

They are pretty cool but for me I’d much rather have the sealed original ones.

The box is nice. The cards are a disappointment. Misty’s Water Manipulation and Brock’s Training by TOKIYA are really nice. All the other cards are just bland or reprints from other sets. Like why is Cynthia in the box? Why not make the badges as a Pokemon Tool? Why not call it *Brock’s* Onix Gx or at least have him in the artwork. It feels more like a lazy English product than anything

I would personally just buy the 2 nice cards for $5 each and write off the rest of the box


the box itself is the sole reason I bought them. they even released a double playmat with them included.having just the sleeves and deck box is good for me. but only downside was how they limited it to each person

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I did exactly this and purchased Misty’s Water Manipulation and Brock’s Training as singles. I wish I could have been more excited for the GX artwork though. I thought the coins were kind of cool, but overall the boxes aren’t worth the price for me.

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