What are your plans for your collection in 2015?

What do you hope to achieve for your collection?

Hopefully I can finish my English Charizard collection, almost done. Then I’ll probably focus on getting the remaining Base Set Charizards I need in the other languages (maybe this will take more than a year, some rarely go up for sale lol).


Besides a few unlimited and 1st editions of cards I already own, I don’t have much left. My biggest hunts will be for these four, though:

  1. Melee! Pokémon Scramble Gyarados 006/016
  2. Base Set Shadowless (Thick) 1st Ed. Gyarados 6/102
  3. Unnumbered Promotional Cards Gyarados (The Japanese Based Edition No-Rarity Gyarados)
  4. CoroCoro Promo New Year Present Special Card (The one featuring Gyarados screaming out the year haha)

I’d say the Snap card is on my wish list, but unless I hit the lottery or someone gives it to me, I’m sure I won’t have that card until years in the future. But yeah, so those four are the big ones I aim to obtain this year if finances go well. :blush:

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English-Nock out half of the Remaining sets that I need to Complete. There are some sets that I’m just missing a Holo or a handful of Rares from.

WOTC-Finish it off except for maybe Neo 4 + the E-Series sets since they will be the hardest to Complete
B&W Era-Finish it off. Not, really missing to much from it. A few Full-Art/UR Shiny’s here and there and a handful of Uncommons from BW Base + Red Collection.
X+Y Era-Stay up to date with sets which I have already been doing. Still missing 3 or 4 cards from Rising Fists + Phantom Gate.
Ex Era-Maybe get closer to finishing a few sets here and there (It’s a real pain in the ass…)

PSA Grading
Complete some Japanese B&W/XY Era PSA 10 Ultra Rare Sets. :blush:
Complete a PSA 10 Chariard Ex set from FlashFire. (Wish me Luck…) :confused:
Grade MANY other cool cards for my Collection + HOPEFULLY pull 10’s on them! :blush:

Pack Collection
Get a Ton more Sealed Packs for my Collection!
Maybe open some Ex Series packs to pull some PSA-10 worthy Gold Stars/Ex’s

I have a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG Road ahead of me, lol! :blush:

Finish my japanese psa 10 promo wants only got a few left then I am putting all my funds into a japanese trophy pika set after that.

To acquire a legit prerelease raichu if any really exist lol.


more Venusaur Gains
Some more ESPEONS I still need
then any other stuff that attracts my radar

OH AND FINALLY GET ON WITH posting update thread
and and placing my secret santa gift in my collection
as it will arrive in Jan ;p

I’m hoping to complete my last few WOTC sets (Shadowless, Discovery, Revelation, Expedition, Aquapolis). It’d be a real treat to finish the Legendary Collection in PSA 10 (likely impossible).

Some of the rare WOTC error cards would be nice pick-ups too:
PSA 9 1st ed Dark Dragonite No Holo
PSA 9 Ninetales No Attack
PSA 10 Blastoise No Stage Error
PSA 10 Corrected Blaine’s Charizard
PSA 10 Wartortle Evolution Error
PSA 10 Diglett Error

Lastly, just find mint E series reverse holos. I missed out on a few awesome auctions recently. Eventually I’d like to 2 mint copies of each E series reverse. Good thing it’s a long year!

Not too many people are posting what they’d like to eventually sell (shrink vs grow), but I’d like to sell my booster boxes sometime this year or next and all the cards I have 3+ copies of. At one point last year I had like 4 PSA 10 Dark Alakazams. Can’t let that stuff keep happening.

  • all the fan club jumbos minus ‘Snorlax eating corn’
  • continue hoarding special carddass

Those are my 2 big ones for 2015.

some other minor ones:
-fill out a binder with xy5 whiscashs (360x)
-finish off my BW UR set… 2 left
-initiate Heat Rotom collection
-Continue collecting various Whiscash flats


Oh they do, just how many? :wink:

In 2015, my main aim will be to complete my french WOTC collection :blush:
I’m looking for french cards in 1st edition and mint, and it’s extremely complicated !

I’m hoping to get PSA 10s of the Full Art primals in both Japanese and English. In addition, I’d like to get one full art Mega Rayquaza graded a 10. I have a PSA 9 Rayquaza EX FA which looks like a 10, so if I resubmit and get a 10, I’ll be overjoyed. I don’t have many goals in terms of old-school collecting, but I want to get my mint condition gold stars graded. I also think it’s high time to determine whether or not I’ll be collecting a lot of the old-school gold stars/ex cards. They were what I grew up with, but I really like the new mechanics and artwork, especially full arts. Maybe I’ll just put it off for now.

Those are my main goals, but I’d also like to get a Japanese Darkrai EX SR graded a 10. I’ve got one now that looks good. I’m going to be heading off to college in 2015 as well (wish me luck!) so I’m hoping to sell some of the graded cards that I’m not totally enamored with in order to reduce the amount of loans and stuff I’ll have to take out.


Hey @hapycakeoven, you may want to contact wakeruncollapse on YouTube. He’s opening a case of Tidal Storm and should have a crapload of Whiscashes for you! He’s also very trustworthy and one of the more pleasant Poketubers.

I lol’d

Still makes me laugh.

The swampert sealdass has whiscash stickers ^o^

I’d just like to find an Umbreon 026/PLAY. Anything else is extra.


If I could just find the strength to stop wasting money on loose packs before work then I’ll be happy.
That, and I’d like to pick up a PLAY Flareon, Advent of Arceus Ponyta, and have a bit more commitment when it comes to completing my sets.


I want to finish this stupid Trading Figure Game card set that shouldn’t even be difficult but for some reason is.