what are we all working towards atm!

hey all just though we could have thread similar to the one i did a few months ago but instead of binders i was thinking more general graded-ungraded goals sets etc you are working towards. ill kick it off. i am working on a psa9 masaki set. feel like im gonna be waiting a long time for a gengar to turn up but im gonna be patient. still going on the 1st ed rocket binder also.


Working towards a unikarp

For now I’ll need to make due with community College karp


Interesting thread! Always interested in learning what other collectors are up to. :blush:
I’m currently trimming the fat and streamlining my collection; sorting anything sellable along with bulk C/UC.
Most of the 2018 goals have been met, so gonna focus on 2019 goals which includes some japanese promo cards and some kotobukiya artfx-j pokemon 1/8 scale figures. Also gonna be buying some japanese banned art cards some time this year.


Working on a PSA 10 set of the Unlimited holo Gym Leader trainer cards from Gym Challenge/Heroes. Only ones I have left to get are Brock, Lt. Surge, and Erika. If anyone has mint copies, let me know!


PSA 9 1st ed holos:
Gym Heroes: 17/19
Gym Challenge: 11/20
Neo Genesis: 18/19
Neo Discovery: 15/17
Neo Destiny: 12/24

PSA 9 holos:
Expedition: 13/32
Aquapolis: 0/35
Skyridge: 1/38

PSA 10 Japanese promos:
Japanese P promos: 31/47
Japanese T promos: 18/24

English binder master sets in NM-M.

Numbers are both off since some of the reverses are not added to Pokellector yet.


008/P included?

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At the start of 2019 I had none of the English Expedition Pichus in PSA 10, but now I only need the regular holofoil card in that grade:

Really happy to have finally acquired both the E3 Promo and Sample set cards as I’ve been on the lookout for these for a long time now.
(I’m ignoring both the matchprint card and the hole-punched kiosk demo card as PSA don’t grade these)

The Sample card’s date is blue here because I’m not 100% sure when it was used - does anyone have an exact date?

Sadly the only holofoil PSA 10 cards available right now are priced at 3-4x the highest they’ve ever sold by… and have remained unsold for several months. All 4 sellers rejected my offer of $130 even though $130 is $6 more than the last copy sold for.




Not all goals are achievable :hushed:


I’m working on a bunch of binders, but right now, my ultimate goal is to nab all Skyridge holos in NM condition, which is a heck of a challenge given scarcity and price point.


More sealed VS japanese boxes and cards, but primarily sealed stuff.

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Blastoise cards PSA 9/10 (priority at the English ones, Japanese where there is no English version).

Blastoise 1st edition base set PSA9. :grin:

English base set unltd psa 10 holos- 6/16. Have charizard and blastoise so the rest should be easy enough to come by.

Afterwards will be working on shadowless 9s

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Hi colleague! I have the same goal :blush: Haven’t added the oldest sets yet (wotc era)

Have extras? If so, let’s trade!


I actually just completed a goal! :grin: Full National Index collection including all Shiny Pokémon and Forms (Mega, Alolan, Male vs Female, etc.) I actually started my article about it, which I will gradually update over the next few weeks. Will bump it when it’s complete. :blush:

Apart from that my goals are still the same:

  • Finding the last three cards for my Seviper collection
  • Finding the last sealed variation for my Moltres collection
  • Keeping up with releases for my Pikachu and Full Art Supporter collections



I’m on 15/16 PSA 10 Japanese base set holos. Just need Gyarados now. Not really sure what I’ll work on after that!

Good luck on those holos… I’m chasing the same cards, but we won’t be competing because I’m far more lenient on condition than most, so I’ll be after some played cards at good deals. Even still, they are expensive.

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1st base Holos PSA 9 - 16/16
1st base non Holos psa 10 - 86/87
1st fossil psa 10 - 32/62
1st jungle psa 10 - 53/64
1st team rocket psa 10 - 76/83

Fossil, alot of the remaining should be complete with my next returns, fingers crossed.

Jungle I need to upgrade a rare and 10 Holos from psa 9 to psa 10.

Rocket I need to upgrade 7 uncommon and common from psa 9 to 10.

Base…just need to upgrade red cheek pikaa

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A Trophy Khan… feels like I’ve already missed my opportunity to pick one up…