Finally finished Masaki/Red Green set

Not sure if everyone remembers when @milhouse created the What are your plans for your collection in 2015? thread regarding goals they had for this year.

I said

I’ve accomplished 50% of my goals thus far and here they are.

Master PSA 10 Masaki set

EDIT: Played around with Machamps Label since it read “Vending Promo” instead of “Masaki Promo” (PSA will fix this free of charge, so that’s the next step is to change the labels to please my OCD and have them all slabbed in the new clam shells.)

Master Red & Green Holo gift set

Has anyone else accomplished or started their goals for 2015? My next goal will be the Natta Wake set!


Congrats! Must be rewarding to complete your goals haha. I wouldn’t know seeing as I always change mine halfway through.

Also, I know the Masaki set is incredibly hard to get in PSA 10 but I was wondering what the main “problem” with the cards is as I’ve never owned any myself. I know they can have indentations from the folder, but are there any other common issues with the cards?


Awesome man. Looks so crisp, clean, and epic together.

Dam tough to get those masaki grades.

These images are fake, trust me I can tell by the pixels.
Also my Dad works for Nintendo.


The corners on the back commonly have indentations and the centering is nothing short of poor on alot of them.

THANK YOU! and yes very rewarding (mentally and financially on my wallet XD) haha, I tend to do the same in some cases.

They were only distributed for a limited amount of time in Japan during the evolution communication campaign, After you did your part and mailed in any of the stage 2 evolutions + pass card/Bill’s PC they would mail you back its counter evolved form, Problem was when media factory shipped them out, to my understandING they were shipped in little paper envelopes and were often times damaged in transit, additionally a lot of folks left their cards in their original packing to reserve them from the conditions, at some point in time when they decided to remove the card from its envelope most of them would have 2 compression creases (top left & bottem right) which PSA will automatically ding down to a 6 when spotted, other then that it faced alot of other common problems most cards had I.e centering issues, general white spots, and edge wear. I’m sure someone else can elaborate better then I.

Hi Milhouse

Waddup homeslice?

Well done, keep the good stuff coming in. Must’ve took ages to find gem mint worthy cards for grading.


Awesome awesome effort mate!
Super hard to find those in that condition! Did you grade all these yourself or buy already graded?

Love the legendary birds too, if I were you I’d be a very happy man. Super jealous!

I feel like I haven’t seen you forever…

Welcome back! I never left, what have you been up to?

@nauticads @drewcastle It took about 14 months, I graded personally the Alakazam (Have a spare on ebay), Gengar, Bought Golem from @starhatpokemon, Omastar from a friend in AUS, and Machamp from ebirdman. I’ve graded each one at least 5 times (except Alakazam,) Most pulling 7-9’s the majority of the time.

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Working at a new company, learning entire network infrastructure, and trying to catch them all. HBU? lol

Awesome effort man! That sets a real treasure!

Congrats on achieving the full masaki promo set at PSA 10 :grin:

When i have the spare cash, i’ll buy your spare alakazam if it still available :blush:

That’s crazy to get a PSA 10 Masaki Set! That definitely takes effort to do so! :blush: You must be so happy right now to have finished it off! :grin:

Thanks for the answer. So they can come with pretty much every problem in the book huh…makes it harder for me to justify buying the raw cards then lol

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Very nice. Did you regrade regrade regrade until you got tens? Or send in multiples of the same card.

And if you did regrade, did you crack out the Slab or just send it in for regrade service?

I’m asking as I got done recently on a ten-worthy card which received an 8.

Cheers and well done again mate