Masaki Set in PSA10

Has anyone managed to assemble the Masaki set in PSA Gem Mint 10?

I know it’s hard but I’m interested to know how difficult it would be to get this set in Gem Mint. I had a set graded and two came back PSA10 (Omastar and Alakazam) while the rest got PSA9.

Would appreciate any advice.


Jason has a complete set of PSA 10’s. Im pretty sure he paid quite a bit for the PSA 10 set.

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I think the population report explains it best.

Omastar 10 out of 44 got PSA 10 grades
Alakazam 4 out of 54
Machamp 4 out of 46
Gengar 3 out of 33
Golem 4 out of 46
Total 25 out of 223

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I’ve tried to complete a PSA 10 set for over 10 yrs. I’ve gotten back 3 PSA 10 Omastars, 1 PSA 10 Alakazam and 1 PSA 10 Machamp…Years ago I saw a PSA 10 Golem for sale on Ebay(unfortunately I missed the auction) …The biggest problem with getting PSA 10’s is the creases that were created from the way they were mailed out. The upper left and lower right corners tend to be crimped…
…definitely one of the harder sets to complete in PSA 10

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I always reference this set when discussion how distribution/indents can effect a cards grade. I purchased multiple “Mint” masaki sets and have never received a 10 on any of the cards. That indent/crease is almost invisible but can knock a card that appears mint down to a 6.

Thanks for all your responses. They are very helpful and gave me a better context of this difficult task. I might give it a try as I believe the harder it is to accomplish, the more satisfying it would be for collectors like us. Cheers!


Ya I’ve been trying to collect these Mint Masaki’s for quite awhile and have had a tough time. I’d be super happy with a 9 set maybe even an 8 set in the case of these cards. They are very hard to get mint. I bought a gengar that was percent except that dang light “crease” mark on the back from the way it was sent. :confused:

It’s my first attempt to grade a Masaki set and getting two PSA10’s out of five is very encouraging and also considering that the remaining three were graded PSA9’s. I might even just keep this set as it is still a mint set.

Ya that’s pretty killer imho to have the entire set come back in 9-10. Did you find them on eBay when you bought them?

If i was going to spend the big bucks on a masaki set, I’d go for a sealed set over a graded one, but thats just me :blush:

They were never actually sealed. They were distributed in a fileWNBSdOrRIbvQ~~60_35.JPG)/piece of paper, which is the main reason why they are so difficult to grade.

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I think Eddie had 4 of the 5 in PSA 10.
I might even have a graded set on eBay now but I don’t recall for sure r what grades they have.

My favourite promo set i’d have to say!

This is why me and grading aren’t very good friends -.- I couldn’t live knowing it was graded not perfect i think thats why i loved sealed/original presentation items.

I love seeing trophy cards as trophies they might never be GM 10 but they are as mint as mint will ever be which is as good as a GM10 in my eyes and they look awesome and add to the history of the card and that is much of the reason I love my Masaki sealed/Original presentation even though I know I’d be lucky for 1/5 to be graded GM10