WTB Masaki PSA 8

Trying to collect a PSA 8 Masaki set. Interested in all but Gengar. Not sure if they’ll be within my price range but PM me. Thanks

Did you see the ones on eBay by any chance? There’s an Alakazam at $80, and an Omastar and Golem BIN OBO. Maybe that’s a good place to start :blush:. The Alakazam is a pretty good deal, I had sold a couple PSA 8 Alakazams over $100 in 2013.

$80 - PSA 8 Alakazam

$110 OBO - PSA 8.5 Alakazam

$99 OBO - PSA 8 Golem

$99 OBO - PSA 8 Omastar

$60 - PSA 10 Pass Card

Ya thanks guys. I saw those. I guess I was hoping to go lower than those prices. But maybe going for PSA 8 isn’t as low of a price as I’m hoping.

With the cost of the promos and grading expenses, these aren’t really marked up much at all.

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Not sure what you expected to pay but those prices are quite fair:)

Hmm well shoot it’s unfortunate that even a PsA 8 set costs this much. :confused: hmm At that rate I’m looking at $400-500 for a whole set. I can’t do that

Ungraded set is approximately 250ish so why not splurge the extra bit to finalize it

I would also recommend the PSA 8 set for an extra $100-150.

It is pretty difficult to find inexpensive Masaki cards that would grade PSA 8 or better.

Ya shoot hmm I’ll have to do some thinking and probably just collect one at a time if I do and take my time. $400-500 would buy a very nice handgun haha.

Hmmm…love hand guns.

Hehe me too! My pokemon card collection and my handgun collection don’t like each other. At parties they won’t even talk to each other out of jealousy for the time I give to the other. :grin:

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