WTB: Masaki cards Mint

Hey anyone have any Mint Masaki cards they want to sell?

Got both, I think I told you this already though lol, shoot me an offer if you want.

Well shoot maybe I did. I’ve made so many replies in so many threads its tough to keep everything straight. Sent you a pm

Hey so this thread is old but I’m reviving it as I’m pulled back into pokemon. Anyone have any Mint condition Masaki’s they like to sell. I’m looking for them in near perfect condition with no front or back scratches. Thanks

It’s been tough to find the masakis in that kind of condition honestly. I’ve been trying quite a bit the past couple years, but almost all come damaged from faulty packaging. Plus then there’s the play wear that most have acquired over the past 16 years. I have some spares but certainly not in the condition you’re looking for.

In my opinion you’re best looking for a PSA 8 or PSA 9 copy on eBay. There are some up there that you could probably offer a decent price for (they’ve been up a while) and come out with a great card. A PSA 8 is miles ahead of most of the Masakis you’ll find ungraded on eBay or Yahoo Japan. That’s my opinion if you’re looking for a top quality Masaki.

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Ya that makes sense. To be honest the card condition I want to see is basically a PSA 7-8. How much you think each card would be worth as an 8?

Very hard to say because it’s all supply and demand with them. I thought there were some on eBay but it seems the 8’s have all sold off and are now out of the completed listings so I can’t check for reference. There’s actually only one 9 up there too (and one Alakazam that sold for $160!).

I’ve listed 8’s at auction before and some sold for $70 when supply was high, and I’ve had them go as high as $130 at auction for a PSA 8 Gengar when supply was low. I definitely sold quite a few in the $100-$110 range both BIN and auctions.

For the 8’s I guess it all comes down to finding one and paying what you truly feel fit for the card.

And for the Masaki’s, the Gengar usually sells higher than the rest (it is pretty badass) and then the Alakazam is next in line, with the other 3 similar to each other and slightly lower.

Ya thanks there don’t seem to be many on ebay.

So I have a gengar I got last week and I’m on the fence about sending it back. The front is nearly perfect except this tiny spot wear the holo shines through the bottom but there’s no sign of any damage so I think it was just printed that way. But It has a light fingerprint that doesn’t want to come off on the back. Its very hard to see the fingerprint but I thoroughly look at cards. The big thing that bugs me is this wax stain? maybe that looks almost like a bend line But there is no bend. Anyone ever seen this before?

Yup. That’s an indent. It’s almost like a bend that never became a full-on crease. I’ve seen it on a number of cards, it drops the grade to a PSA 5 usually for reference, and this one is more severe than most.

It’s likely that came from the flimsy packaging. Those were mailed out in the 90’s with very little cardboard reinforcement so it’s very likely the envelope got bent with the card inside. I think it can also happen from printing though less severe? I’ve pulled some 1st Base cards from a pack that were like that but not as severe.

Ah thanks so much for your input! I guess I’ll be sending it back then. Its so weird I’ve never seen that on a card. That’s so sad they didn’t reinforce them. From the side the card looks perfectly straight but its probably like you said it just started to bend enough to create that line in the wax.

Well it’s all up to you. If you can be happy with the card for what you paid then keep it. But if you’re dissatisfied then by all means you should send it back.

Good luck with the Masaki’s, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help! I can always look around and see if there are any high grade ones available. Plus you could get lucky with a nm/mint ungraded one on Yahoo Japan or eBay.

Ya thanks for your help. Keep your eyes peeled for me :blush:. I have the Masaki Machamp in nice condition but not as high as I’d like. I’d be ok I think with the Omastar and Golem being lower quality if the price is right. But by lower quality I really mean ebay sellers version of NM/Mint. I’d really like a virtually flawless Gengar and Alakazam. Who wouldn’t though right?

This Gengar is pretty strong looking: www.ebay.com/itm/Gengar-Masaki-mail-promo-Pokemon-Card-Rare-HOLO-Japanese-JAPAN-Bills-PC-/271413511249?pt=Trading_Card_Games_US&hash=item3f31818451 and same for his/her Alakazam www.ebay.com/itm/Alakazam-Masaki-mail-promo-Pokemon-Card-Rare-HOLO-Japanese-JAPAN-Bills-PC-/271431276999?pt=Trading_Card_Games_US&hash=item3f329099c7 and then justjinkee’s Alakazam here doesn’t look half bad either, I would just ask for pictures of the corners at an angle to assess for dents www.ebay.com/itm/1999-POKEMON-JAPAN-MASAKI-ALAKAZAM-PROMO-HOLO-NM-CONDITION-/181357871849?pt=AU_Card_Games&hash=item2a39c582e9

I have some ungraded ones but they’re eBay sellers equivalent of Played HAHA. Back into the binder they go.

The only thing I have that fits what you are looking for is a PSA 8 Alakazam which you can message me about if you are interested in. But that was not the point of posting all of this! I thought that there were still a bunch of graded ones on eBay on BIN OBO but I must have missed when those sold or were removed from eBay.

ETA: you can also try @m786ali

Hey thanks for the response. Those do look pretty good but I have been burned with scanned images before as they rarely catch scratches or small indentations. But I could message and ask them. $97 is a lot steeper than I wanted to pay though, especially for ungraded. Idk the Ausie one is a bit better priced. Thanks for the heads up. I just bought a psa card from m786ali I should ask him.

Thanks cbd1235