Complete PSA 10 Masaki set

How much for the title of this thread?

Who currently has them?

Would like to see if I can add them in my collection one day.

At least $250+ for each card. They’re near impossible to get and no one apart from ebirdman will sell them because they’re nestled in collections. Ed is probabky looking for $500-600 each and he only has 2

I guess it would be much cheaper to buy them ungraded and then grade them yourself

It probably really depends. You may easily spend that much or more attempting to get a PSA 10 on one of them, depending on the number you have to go through to finally get the desired grade.

Granted, selling off the ones that result in lower grades may allow you to break even on investment, but the amount of time? That’s expensive and irreplaceable.

Very challenging in my experience. They were packaged in the cardboard in such a way that almost every Masaki card has two indentations in the two corners of the card that were placed in the cardboard.

Thats extremley unfortunate ;/

I sold my set for that PSA 10 for $1200.

If you don’t mind disclosing the information, can you give an approximate date of when this sale occurred?

End of December of last year.

Thank you.

I was hoping to get a complete set at $800-1k

You can get a set for $250-$300 but not a PSA 10 set.

This is one of the items I will never sell. It took over 13 years to finally accomplish cause of cdb’s explanation. Work on something else cause this one is ridiculously hard.

Took me one time to do this. I was very lucky.

Ed has his 2. I think I know someone else who has the other 2.Then that just leaves me with the 5th one to worry about.

It’s more of a problem rasing up the money than is to actually find it.

Ed has Omastar and Machamp. Do tell where any of the other three are available because those are the three I need :wink:

I think it’s harder to track them down than anything. Blew my chance with Haze’s set unfortunately.

I have one full set of ungraded Masaki cards, plus several additional singles. (I only have one Omustaa, which is what prevents me from building additional full sets.)

Looking at them under a magnifying glass, I see microscopic damage, such as minute flaking on the corners of the backs of the cards (invisible to the naked eye). Is this the sort of damage that PSA is looking for when deciding whether to deny a “10”?

My cards don’t appear to have any indentations on the corners, as has been discussed. Unless I’m misunderstanding what is meant by “indentations.” (I take it that corners damaged in this way have tiny notches in them?)

The indentations on the Masakis from the postcards they were mailed in is their main problem and why PSA docks them. If you have any without those marks and devoid of edge wear can get 9s or better.

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