Where is your collection headed?

Hello everyone!
Today I just wanted to ask a simple question to see what my fellow collectors are up to.

Is your collection headed towards a permanent state or will you be collecting until you can’t collect any more?
Is there a point where your collection will be “finished”? After you finish a set? After you make the grade? When you run out of cash?
Let me know everyone! Looking forward to what you all have to say?:thinking:

I’d say there are just a few cards I’m looking for in PSA 10 including Skyridge Crystal Celebi, Fan Club Eevee and Porygon, and a couple of the Masakis. After I have those I will probably give it a rest for awhile. Someday I’d love to own a trophy Khan and a Uni Karp but those are not must haves at the moment. I don’t have much desire for anything newer either so future releases don’t concern me.


For me I’m looking to finish up these guys!

  • PSA 10 Masaki set! 4 out of 5 completed!

  • PSA 10 Neo 4 Shining Set! 5 out of 8 completed!

  • PSA 10 Fan Club Promos! 2 Out of 3!

And then I have little misc goal that will come along as my collecting continues :grin:

After that though… Idk what I’ll do .___.
Haven’t thought that far ahead, and didn’t think I’d make it this far! Lol

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My goal is to keep having fun…collecting, buying, and selling. No end in sight:)


I second this :blush:

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Still have the same goals I had last year. My collecting went stagnant for the last half year due to medical school applications and other responsibilities. Picking it back up a little this year (or at least trying to).

  • Finish my PSA 10 PLAY Promo set (except Espeon/Umbreon)
  • Find a nonholo POP 3 Flareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon Promo
  • Keep up with eeveelution releases
  • Continue collecting PSA 10 Japanese Full Arts
  • Collect whatever else I personally like :blush:

In the far future, once I finish my residency or during residency, I plan on picking up some trophy cards if possible.


Heading towards me declaring bankruptcy.


Those player Umbreon’s say otherwise. :blush:

Its one of the reasons for sure.

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I’ve always got a guest house for you brother?:thinking:

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Will be seeing you soon then. Btw the iphone smileys turn into question marks for some reason you have to use the one in the reply menu.

depends how the new taxes and aud pan out, looking to be very slow progress.ill never be finished though…


I recently completely my one and only true goal, my “Kanto PokéDex File”. I organized the original 151 Pokémon. Using the first three sets Base, Jungle and Fossil. In the process I ended up completing those sets as well!

For the near future though, I would like to get every Starter & Legendary Pokémon in Full Art version, From Generation 1-3. Also looking into getting Base, Jungle and Fossil sealed booster boxes. That is pretty much it as far as Pokémon card collecting!

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well… my job is making me redundant this week(which is a good thing, as I need to get out of here), so I guess for collections sake, get a new job quick, and try and get beyond even with Life / Girlfriend / and WOTC pokemon sealed goods.

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We have similar goals! Masakis and Fan Clubs are very important to me! The Neo 4 shinings would be cool but I finished my English 1st ed set this year.
All of those are very hard to find so best of luck!

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Stop buying Apple Products. Also My collection will never end and the pokemon cards better never stop being made, always ill have to find the nintendo president and hold him hostidge… Also I think I want all wizards in psa 10 english holos 1st ed, I am on my way to getting all japanese 1st ed Ex holos in 10 ( which is my main goal ). I never thought I’d really go for alot of the promo’s accept for ones I love artwork on, but now I wan’t all of the really expensive ones in 10 including illustrators and Number whatever pikachus… ONE DAY THEY WILL BE MINE!!! It is safe to say, that i will continue to spend every single cent that is not rent/ bill money on pokemon cards like i have for the last 3 years since I started collecting… Many people prepare to be annoyed with my messeges, but also prepare to have your paypal accounts filled with my monrae! I will collect forever! MUHAHAHAHAHA.

P.S. Please sell me a 1st ed PSA 10 Shadowless charizard some day… Somebody? anyone?

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My collections will always keep growing as long as Mew / Virizion cards are released. Luckily for me, it’s fairly slow going for both as only one of each card is released per year, give or take :stuck_out_tongue:


The thing I need to finish someday is 1st ed. Neo Genesis holos in PSA 10, 15/19 currently so I’m almost there! :blush:

Gold star / Crystal collections are basically done, however upgrading few individual has crossed my mind. Picking up random favourite cards / old school sealed items won’t probably never stop. Once 2016 hits I really have to sell all surplus stuff so I can get more boxes haha.

Every Gyarados card printed in every language, once that is achieved I will let myself rest in peace

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My two current goals are:

1st Edition Base Set PSA 10: 64/102 - Estimated Completion is end of 2016
Masaki Promo PSA 10: 3/5 - Estimated Completion around Q1-Q2 2016

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branching out into gold stars, previously my collection was exclusively WOTC, but my interest has broadened