Whats your lifetime/longterm goal?

I have been thinking lately that i would like to establish a really long term goal that I can dedicate myself to. I have been collecting salamence for over a year now but I want a collection with more variety for the longer term to go alongside it.

So my question is, does anyone else have really long term or even lifetime goals in place? I understand that a lot of people just buy what they like over the years and build a collection that way. I understand its hard to create and stick to a really long term goal but I’m curious either way. If you have a long term goal and wouldn’t mind sharing what it is, I would love to hear.

I’ve been thinking that I would love to attempt to complete original ex and lv x holofoils in psa 10, in both unlimited and 1st edition. Feels like something that would take an insanely long time to complete, and it would keep me engaged in the hobby for the long term.


My goal is to collect one of every English WoTC card (excluding missprints). Not sure if I’ll ever get there but that’s what I’m working towards. I love the newer sets but have limited myself to just this so that my collection doesn’t get out of hand.


No joke to be a Pokémon Master. I want to complete all my goals in the franchise, learn everything, and experience everything I can!


Solely within the hobby, currently…

I guess this is my current long term goal, which is all achievable and will probably be done by next summer, is all this.

I’ve known Viral irl since I was about 10-11, so he’s helping my with Japanese stuff. Lucky me, woo.

Sets (mostly unlimited, but not exclusively)

English vintage

Base set - Neo Destiny
Southern Islands
Black Star promos
Prerelease promos
W stamp promos
League promos
XY Gym Badge cards

Japanese vintage

___ Chansey
GB card set
“Banned” arts
Shining Mew
Masaki promos
Vending Series 1-3
Neo Premium Files 1-3✔️
VS Series (not complete most likely)


151 complete set.
Aside from that, I keep a list on cardmarket.
I probably have around 150 modern cards I want currently and I don’t add cards that I want but am unlikely to ever afford, such as the rocket 20th anniversary xy promos. Those are my two dream cards right now.

This is not exhaustive and I certainly have some ereader cards I want and a fair chunk of modern but it’d all fractured across sets, I’ve got no modern sets I want to complete except 151.

This is simply my must achieve goal list, and it’s super doable with time.
For many of you this is old hat, but when cards were cheap I was younger with a rubbish paying job haha… and had other priorities.


I think my main goal for now is to get to a place financially where I can feel comfortable opening several booster boxes of new sets when they release. Opening packs is one of my favorite things to do in this hobby, even if I don’t get the cards I want. It’s always just a fun experience. I could probably do that now but I have more important life goals I need to put money towards, like my wedding and a new house. After those, I can focus on more specific goals like collecting all 1st edition base cards or collecting cool Japanese promos but for now I have to keep my goals simple.


There is so much in this hobby I would like to collect, so I’ve had to narrow it down. I have two binders where I printed out a list of all of the chase cards from gym heroes through legendary treasures and that would be my up ultimate long term. I’ve decided that having the card in English or Japanese doesn’t matter to me, but that I have a NM copy of each art.

Other things I’m still in the middle of include finishing my vending series. I’m actually pretty darn close, not sure why I didn’t just finish it out. I’m also collecting any modern cards that I really like. I keep all of these in a separate binder.

The other last set I know I’m interested in is the Vs set. I haven’t even really started this one. By that I mean I have like one or two cards I’ve randomly picked up but I don’t want to even seriously start that until I at least finish vending first.

Overall I’m pretty excited about where I am at in my collecting journey and I feel like I’ve done enough soul searching to mostly figure out what cards I care about long term. Feels good!


There is 3 sets that I like to collect in PSA 9 that I’m keeping for personal collection.
They are:

Dutch Unlimited Base Set Holofoil Set in PSA 9 15/15 Completed (Low pops)
Italian Unlimited Base Set Holofoil Set in PSA 9 2/15 (Low pops)

Legendary Collection Holofoil Set in PSA 9 19/19 Completed (Undervalued imho)
Legendary Collection Reverse Foil Set in PSA 9 42/110 (The most beautiful reverses in the Pokemon TCG)


Same, I agree for the LC Reverse Holos, I had the whole set raw at one point and sold it, so sad! This is one of the most controversial reverses people either hate it or love it!

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Each placement of the old back Pika trophies.


My endgame would be boxes of expedition - TMTA
All English eseries sealed boxes


Like most people here, it is so hard to pick, Pokemon has so much to offer in every set and art, it is sometimes hard to pick a goal and stick to it. I’ve been all over the place and been just buying random stuff but I have a few goals but they are more short term then long term. Luckily, I collected and framed my main goal many years ago, see below:

Other then that, I decided to just focus on collecting:

*Every Zekrom Card (I made a formal list)
*Finish 151 Japanese Set
*Thinking of starting/completing VStar Universe, the arts are amazeballs
*I might slowly start recollecting the Legendary Collection Reverses even though I sold the whole set a few years ago, living with regret lol


Honestly, just collecting what I enjoy at the time - I achieved all my initial goals already (some psa 10 holo sets of the wotc era, specific trophies and sealed products).

I´m contemplating starting a new binder collection right now and I´m torn between collecting a species (eyeing aerodactyl, kabutops, koffing, nidoking - help me decide! ;)) or complete sets of the tag team s&m era.


I have many goals in Pokémon TCG that are expected to be achieved in some years …

Goals related to collecting:

  • Pokémon Card Trainers Magazine collection :jp: Currently I have 5 volumes out of 22 … I have in collection Vol.11, Vol.12, Vol.15, Vol.18 and Vol.20 … from all magazines, the one I’m searching the most is Vol.19)
  • Pokémon Tales books → Currently 2 out of 48 Japanese books. 0 in English …
  • Pokémon Card e Official Trainers Guide 2002 :jp: → Researching purposes
  • Masaki cards :jp: → Mostly Masaki Omastar ,
  • Sumiyoshi Kizuki e-Series Delibird → I have not even started … 8 variants in 4 different languages.
  • Blue’s Exploration → This one is going extremely slow. There’re some variants that are kinda expensive. Currently I have 8 out of 41 cards. I think that I’ll go with the cheapest ones first … :thinking:
  • e-Cards → Trying to complete e-Card sets in Non-Holo variant in both :jp: and :us: … also a long term goal
  • Pokémon Battle e Colosseum :jp: → Mostly for trying to Shiny Hunt Shadow Scizor.
  • Pokémon Web → I have not even started it …
  • Omanyte/Omastar/Delibird collection → Unknown status
  • Spanish vintage expansions → From Classic series to Platinum series … Extremely interesting expansions such as Unseen Forces. Long term goal also …

Goals related to researching:

  • Finishing that e-Reader article I’m working in the last years
  • Writing some pending articles
  • Finishing the Excel charts I’m working (gonna take some years)
  • In a very long term, opening my own website in Spanish

Currently I’m happy with what I have. I’m proud of where I’m …


It’s not so much a specific goal, but I am primarily a slabbed collector, and so want my entire collection to fit in a box that holds 60 slabs or so. As I continue to think about it, may also have one binder too.

Generally though, the goal is to have a concise enough collection that it’s easy to manage and sell when I get old, but fulfilling enough that I won’t feel the need to keep adding to it.

As collectors, it’s so difficult to be content and feel like you have “enough”, but that’s where I want to be someday.


Base 1st holos in PSA 9 would have to be my end goal. I currently only have Blastoise.

Other goals are just continuing to update our cube as new sets release. One day it’ll reach a point where the card quality (playability) is so high that it’ll take a lot of debating within our playgroup to nail down what we should replace. It’s getting closer to that even now, but there are still plenty of cards that can be strictly upgraded with the right new release.

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They are all low pop. I guess almost everything pre-SM is, so you’ve definitely picked a lifetime goal if you go through with it haha.

To own a tropical wind 1999


For me it’s quite easy,

  1. Complete my komiya binder (including the 2000 new year jumbo card)
  2. Vs series complete binder
  3. Vending series 1 2 3 including all masaki promos
  4. Eevee fan club promo

Once I’m done all of these im assuming ill fall into another rabbit whole of a set i want to collect or certain unique japanese promos that ill fall in love with :stuck_out_tongue: but for now these are my top goals long term


Those are all cool Pokemon, Koffing would be the easiest lol. I mean, it kind of speaks for itself but Niko"King" would probably be the top of my list, he got some damn cool arts.

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The only goal realistic enough to be worth mentioning would be to open a Shadowless booster box.